Macramé Monday!

Ah, 70s home decor at it's finest! (Wish I could say the same about the composition of the photo. I'm certainly no expert, but the bottom of the photo just seems way too fussy.) You've got your standard funky carpet in a vivid orange, an oversized leather couch in chocolate brown, and a large scale macramé piece in colors to match. Very cool use of the hoops, no?

Macrame Unlimited II 1977
Photo from Macramé Unlimited II, published in 1977


  1. I love old photos and ads from the 70's, but this is the first time I actually recognize something in one. My parents had that exact couch! Too bad they didn't have the macrame to go with it.

  2. Interesting - I never got into room dividers because if anything, I want big open airy spaces, but I know that was the style back then - I sort of missed it (was too busy moving from Germany to America) and caught the tail end of it ;-) I have some very old crochet patterns for shaggy afghans and such - remember the shag carpet? What a hoot :-)

  3. Mortira - No way, what are the odds?!?

    Doris - Lol, I love it in pictures, but shag carpeting was such a bad idea. :P


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