How I Spent my Summer Vacation, or; Yay! More Lists!

Howdy stalkers...er, I mean friends! How about a summer-in-review-catch-up-type-post? I've been pretty darned busy! There wasn't any of that typical summer fun though, like camping and swimming and picnics and ice creams. Well, OK, I may have had a few (boxes of) Mr. Freezies when I was feeling sooky (not the one from True Blood), but that's it!

Anyway, here's the highlight reel of the past month or so...
  • Watched the entire Royal Tour across Canada
  • Attempted to learn how to juggle...again
  • Drew some embroidery patterns (that I can't share yet because I don't have a scanner)
  • Began researching my family tree (on Ancestry.ca)
  • Went bird watching a few times (puffins and gannets mostly)
  • And...hold on to your butts, this is the big one...cleaned out the attic

In fact, I've spent the past month sorting through everything that was jammed up there all willy-nilly and helter-skelter. You know how attics are generally depicted in movies, with sturdy old trunks containing bunches of lavender-scented letters tied up with pretty ribbons? Yeah...it wasn't like that. There was a huge pile of garbage bags and boxes filled with random crap. Most of them contained...well, everything. Opening each one was like opening a birthday party grab bag, only with more dust and memories.

The final tally of treasures and keepsakes included quite a bit from my Grandmother...
  • A pile of vintage embroidery transfers
  • Oodles of hand embroidered linens
  • Handmade doilies, quilt blocks, and tons of fabric scraps
  • Craft books and magazines
  • Clothing, crochet and knitting patterns

Then there was the stuff from my childhood that I thought was long gone...
  • New Kids on the Block posters
  • Part of a Smurfette Halloween costume
  • My stories and drawings, everything from from K - 12
  • Stuffed dinosaurs and Popples and Wrinkles (no ALF though, bummer)
  • A ceramic dinosaur souvenir from Drumheller, Alberta (in two pieces, but still awesome)
  • Zaks!

There were a few random treasures too...
  • A scrapbook mom kept for me when I was a wee lass
  • Old letters written to and from various family members
  • Really old Newfoundland tourist books and souvenirs

Sadly, the one thing that I was hoping to re-discover was nowhere to be seen - my collection of Smurf figurines. And I had a lot of them, even the black one! And a Smurf figurine poster!


But I digress.

Many, many, many bags have been filled with donations to the Sally Ann and SPCA, and quite a few more filled with just plain garbage. The rest was sorted, cleaned, and displayed or packed away securely and neatly. Actually, we're still sorting, cleaning and packing. It's a good thing I drool over storage containers and shelves like some women drool over shoes and purses.

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