Macramé Monday!

How about a dose of cuteness to counteract the creepy clowns from last week?

Bebe Bleu & Les Fables - Macrame Elegance III 1977
Photo from Macramé Elegance III, published in 1977

Mom's home!

Mom was released from the hospital yesterday, and I picked her up yesterday afternoon. She had her Dye Test on Friday and got her diagnosis. She had only two blockages, one at 40% and the other at 90%. They went ahead and put a stent in the big one. And the part of the heart affected by the attack wasn't dead, it was only "stunned". So good news overall!

Friday was also her birthday! The big 6-0! What a way to spend it, huh?


Awww, how cute!

Guess what? Until their head feathers grow in, baby (teenage?) Blue Jays look just like little blue vultures!

baby Blue Jay
baby Blue Jay
Squee X 2!


Macramé Monday!

Jamboree Macrame Splendor No. 2 1980
Photo from Macramé Splendor No.2, published in 1980


Thank you!

Thanks so much for the heartfelt comments on my last blog post and everywhere else besides. This may sound silly, but it meant a lot to me.

Mom is doing well. She's been in the hospital ever since, but was moved out of ICU a few days after being admitted. She has to stay there until she gets sent to St. John's for a Dye Test, which is apparently only done on Thursdays***. That means she's got at least another week in the hospital, and possibly even two or three. It's the best place for her though. Besides being surrounded by nurses and doctors, she's eating better, has switched to decaf, and isn't smoking. I just wish the hospital was closer. A half hour drive isn't really that much I suppose, but I caught a cold last week, so between that and all the worrying I haven't had much energy. Plus, the radio reception is craptacular, and I'm sick of listening to the same CDs over and over. Oh, woe is me and more's the pity and can I get some more cheese with that whine? (Please don't take my self-centered whinging seriously. Humor is one of my defense mechanisms.)

Anyway, we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as I figure out what day it is. Please stay tuned.

***Oops! The tests are done everyday. The Thursday thing was for something else and I just remembered it wrong. It's still gonna be two or three weeks until she gets in though.


a sad break this time

I've been staring at this screen for ages now, not sure what to say or if I should say anything at all. I did want to let everybody know that I haven't abandoned the blog though, because I may not be posting for awhile. A few days ago my mother had a heart attack. She's been stable ever since, but she's going to be in the hospital for awhile. I'll be visiting every day of course, which means I may not have the time or energy to write blog posts. There are quite a few things in the drafts folder that are just about finished though, so I'm sure I'll be polishing those up before too long.


Macramé Monday!

Ah, 70s home decor at it's finest! (Wish I could say the same about the composition of the photo. I'm certainly no expert, but the bottom of the photo just seems way too fussy.) You've got your standard funky carpet in a vivid orange, an oversized leather couch in chocolate brown, and a large scale macramé piece in colors to match. Very cool use of the hoops, no?

Macrame Unlimited II 1977
Photo from Macramé Unlimited II, published in 1977


How I Spent my Summer Vacation, or; Yay! More Lists!

Howdy stalkers...er, I mean friends! How about a summer-in-review-catch-up-type-post? I've been pretty darned busy! There wasn't any of that typical summer fun though, like camping and swimming and picnics and ice creams. Well, OK, I may have had a few (boxes of) Mr. Freezies when I was feeling sooky (not the one from True Blood), but that's it!

Anyway, here's the highlight reel of the past month or so...
  • Watched the entire Royal Tour across Canada
  • Attempted to learn how to juggle...again
  • Drew some embroidery patterns (that I can't share yet because I don't have a scanner)
  • Began researching my family tree (on Ancestry.ca)
  • Went bird watching a few times (puffins and gannets mostly)
  • And...hold on to your butts, this is the big one...cleaned out the attic

In fact, I've spent the past month sorting through everything that was jammed up there all willy-nilly and helter-skelter. You know how attics are generally depicted in movies, with sturdy old trunks containing bunches of lavender-scented letters tied up with pretty ribbons? Yeah...it wasn't like that. There was a huge pile of garbage bags and boxes filled with random crap. Most of them contained...well, everything. Opening each one was like opening a birthday party grab bag, only with more dust and memories.

The final tally of treasures and keepsakes included quite a bit from my Grandmother...
  • A pile of vintage embroidery transfers
  • Oodles of hand embroidered linens
  • Handmade doilies, quilt blocks, and tons of fabric scraps
  • Craft books and magazines
  • Clothing, crochet and knitting patterns

Then there was the stuff from my childhood that I thought was long gone...
  • New Kids on the Block posters
  • Part of a Smurfette Halloween costume
  • My stories and drawings, everything from from K - 12
  • Stuffed dinosaurs and Popples and Wrinkles (no ALF though, bummer)
  • A ceramic dinosaur souvenir from Drumheller, Alberta (in two pieces, but still awesome)
  • Zaks!

There were a few random treasures too...
  • A scrapbook mom kept for me when I was a wee lass
  • Old letters written to and from various family members
  • Really old Newfoundland tourist books and souvenirs

Sadly, the one thing that I was hoping to re-discover was nowhere to be seen - my collection of Smurf figurines. And I had a lot of them, even the black one! And a Smurf figurine poster!


But I digress.

Many, many, many bags have been filled with donations to the Sally Ann and SPCA, and quite a few more filled with just plain garbage. The rest was sorted, cleaned, and displayed or packed away securely and neatly. Actually, we're still sorting, cleaning and packing. It's a good thing I drool over storage containers and shelves like some women drool over shoes and purses.



And here's the other TV show I'll be watching this fall. Dinosaurs and zombies FTW!

* The Z stands for Zombies of course!



Oh snap! I had totally forgotten this was happening until a few days ago when I saw a (slightly shorter) trailer on TV! Awesome! Well, I hope it's going to be awesome anyway. The dinosaurs will probably be cool if nothing else. And look! That's a Carnotaurus chasing down his lunch at the end!


Macramé Monday!

Lighted Hanging Table cover Macrame For Home Decor #819
Macramé For Home Decor #819, front cover

Lots of retro goodness to ogle here! Besides, of course, the macramé projects - an absolutely epic lighted hanging table and room divider - there's also the stucco ceiling, brown shag carpeting, and yummy faux bois background!

Room Divider back cover Macrame For Home Decor #819
Macramé For Home Decor #819, back cover