Macramé Monday!

Remember Archie comics? I once had hundreds (yes, hundreds, true story), but now I have none. I gave them away in high school and have regretted it ever since. They probably weren't worth anything, but that's not really the point now, is it? Anyway, I guess the Archie Universe got caught up in the 70s macramé fever too, because I distinctly remember a few story lines where the girls were making macramé things. After many Google searches (and much cursing of my stupid decision to give all my comics away), this was the only one I found.

Archie & Betty Comics Macrame
Photo found at MightyGodKing

Of course this means that vintage Archie comics have been added to my list of things to look for in thrift shops. Are any of you wonderful readers lucky enough to possess any copies of Archie macramé awesomeness? I'd be forever in your debt if you scanned them to share with the world. Pretty please with sugar on top? :)

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