Happy Canada Day!

I didn't have any special plans for today. It was all gray and damp outside (surprise), so I just hid inside and watched CBC's coverage of Will and Kate - oh yeah, and all the Canada Day stuff too. How cool is Kate's red maple leaf fascinator? I just love it! And the noon concert was pretty awesome, with Great Big Sea as the closing act.

Photo from Just Jared
Oh, and I made patriotic noms! Did you guys do anything fun? Barbecues, beers and fireworks?

Canada Day strawberry cake


  1. that's one tasty-looking cake! No barbecues or beer for us, but we could kinda sorta see the fireworks in the Inner Harbour by standing in the very corner of the living room and looking out the window on our tip toes.

  2. That's what I did New Years, looked out the living room window at the fireworks (was home in NL for the holidays too). Was a bit easier though, because it was just a few different neighbours setting them off. lol

    I hope Victoria's were nice! The ones they put off last year were. :)


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