trekkies shouldn't play favorites

It's no secret that George Takei is hilarious. Go watch Spider-George and It's OK to be Takei if you don't believe me. There was also his awesome cameo on The Big Bang Theory. In fact, here's a very convenient YouTube video with both of his scenes (the powers that be won't let me embed it here). You can skip ahead to 1:42 and then 3:02 for George, but then you'll miss sexy Howard Wolowitz.

Takei isn't the only Star Trek alumni with a sense of humor though. Leonard Nimoy is a funny guy too, sometimes without even trying! I'd say by now everyone has already seen him in the new video for The Lazy Song, but just in case you haven't here's the link (again, the powers that be are being annoying). Here's a video that I can embed though. Enjoy! Or not...

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