Skullboy aka Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest

A frame grab from Youtube of Lady Gaga's video, Born This Way featuring Montreal's Rick Genest, aka Zombie boy.

Remember my excitement over Skullboy's appearance in Lady Gaga's Born This Way video? Well, I probably should have referred to him by his real name (Rick Genest), or at least Zombie Boy, since that's how he refers to himself. I certainly meant no disrespect. I guess it's just that I've always thought of him as Skullboy. He is covered with an almost complete skeleton tattoo after all. Though I suppose an animated skeleton might be considered a kind of zombie - a really, really dry one.

Did you know he's a fashion model now? I doubt it's what he envisioned when he started his tattoo project, but hey, things seem to be working out quite well for him.

Ah yeah, that's it. Bite those pearls! You know what I like...


Check out this interview with Rick in the Montreal Gazette, with lots more pictures and a video interview!

EDIT: Check out Rick's own website! Also, I need to add Rico to the list of names he goes by.

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