Romero and embroidery! Together at last!

Remember how I won something last fall even though I never win anything? Just in case you need me to refresh your memory, it was this great hand embroidered owl by Giggly Mama, who also happens to stitch absolutely yummy portraits. For a few months now, I've been tossing around the idea of asking her to immortalize George Romero in stitches - not that there's a chance of him being forgotten of course. I asked, she agreed, and here he is! What a cutie!

George Romero by Giggly Mama
Hand embroidered George Romero by Giggly Mama

The observant among you will notice that I am now watermarking my photos. I certainly don't claim to be the next Annie Leibovitz or anything, but I wouldn't be very happy if some unscrupulous individual used one of my photos for evil. Or good. Basically, taking credit for something I did. That includes someone claiming any of my tutorials, crafts, or even whole posts as their own. It happens.

Wondering where I learned to watermark those photos all fancy like? Jenna at SewHappyGeek is doing a series of tutorials on protecting your blog content. Here's her how-to on protecting your photos. If you upload anything at all to the interwebz, this is definitely a subject worth familiarizing yourself with.

George Romero by Giggly Mama
"They're coming to get you, Barbara."

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