Macramé Monday!

Photo from Fiber Form and Fantasy, published 1977

As much as I love all the kitschy goodness that the world of macramé has to offer, It's great to see something decidedly un-kitschy every now and then. I love this headboard! Can you imagine how long it took to make this? And check out that owl! He puts all of the owls in my collection to shame (yes, I collect macramé and owls). Not too sure about having the plant that close to the bed though. I hope it was just put there for the photo shoot, because I wouldn't want to go to sleep with a fern hovering over me. I'd have nightmares about triffids and Audrey II all night!


  1. That lamp aint bad either.
    The best thing about that owl, I think, is that it doesn't have the usual wise but emotionally detached and judgmental thing going. It looks like if you cross that invisible owl line, it's going to cut you. One bad owl.

  2. Lol!

    "I'll cut you! Don't make me cut you!"

  3. Back in the day...1970 something... My Mom made macrame owls. Have you seen those? For you that might be a two for one deal.

  4. Yes indeedy I have! That's what started this whole macrame thing actually. Bought a few books with owl patterns in them, intending to make some, then realized there was a whole lot of other kitschy stuff.


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