Hello from Newfoundland!

That's right, I came home for a visit. That's why my posts for the past couple of weeks have just been pictures and videos with a minimum of commentary. Don't get me wrong, I have been writing. There are a bunch of half finished posts trapped in blog limbo (otherwise known as the drafts folder). The words just don't want to cooperate and form coherent sentences for me (and by coherent I mean the random, twisty, bracket-filled ones I usually write). I suppose it's due to the change in routine. The weather has been so bad here too, cold and rainy. You'd think being stuck inside would facilitate a sedentary indoor activity like blogging, but nope, I've simply been too bummed out to brainstorm. Also, people are actually reading it now. I have followers and subscribers and minions. Oh my! The pressure to be entertaining is on! And that brings me to the next topic...

Hello and welcome to all my new readers! I'm assuming y'all found me through the craft sites that my Paint With Yarn and Record Album Box tutorials have been featured on. That's awesome! I'm thrilled that people liked them. Writing craft tutorials is something new for me. Doing so many crafts is actually even a little new for me. I've always fiddled and faddled with different things, but I have an atrocious habit of giving up - whether it's not sticking with one craft long enough to call it a hobby, or finishing a particular project. That's if I even start it in the first place. That's something I've been working on. So far, so good. This here bloggy is a great way to keep myself accountable too.

So yes, there will be more craft tutorials. I'll do my very best to deliver the goods, but I can't give you any guarantees on how often. It all depends on how easily the ideas are flowing. I'll at least try to blog about things I make (including older stuff that I haven't shared on here yet) at least once a week, like my Carnotaurus masterpiece. That's actually something I've always meant to do, but again, never got around to it. I'll also be posting my weekly macrame pictures (until I run out of macrame pictures to post anyway). When I get back home I'll probably share some other vintage goodness from my ever-growing collection of craft books. And of course, there'll always be lots of random things that amuse me, such as...

...gratuitous kitteh photos!

This big guy's name is Madison. He's named after the Madison piercing, because that little white spot at the base of his neck is in approximately the same place. We mostly just call him Maddy or Mad Cat. Remember Dr. Claw's cat on Inspector Gadget? He's a beautiful cat, but it's so hard to get a nice shot of him. Unfortunately, he seems to be as unphotogenic as his mom.

Madison eating grass
"Yes, this blade of grass will suffice for noms."

This cute tabby is my little Squirmy Wormy, which is just one of his many nicknames - Stripey Pants is another favorite of mine. His real name is Nightcrawler, after the X-Men character, but Wormy seems to suit him. He's a lot more silly and goofy than this photo would suggest.

Wormy on his leash
Wormy checking out the outside.

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