Macramé Monday!

Macramé hangers! Not just for plants and speakers anymore! They work great for fish bowls too!

Photo from Macramé Enchantment Book 5, published in 1980

Photo from Macramé Hang-ups, published in 1973

Photo from Macramé Reflections, published in 1976

I bet those fish in the last picture like to pretend they're aliens in a flying saucer. And the name of that awesome hanger? UMO (Unidentified Macramé Object). True story, I swear!


  1. ZombieMommy Saves is following Zombies Wearing Helmets. Aha!

  2. I was really into the first image...then it starts to go downhill.

  3. Maybe it's because the first hanger seems to be made specifically to hold that type of fish bowl, which is pretty unique.

  4. Anonymous29.6.11

    I've got the pattern for the first one. I keep meaning to make it. It is also a light. The cord runs down the center and the globe sits over the fish bowl in the first section :)

  5. OMG! Now that you've pointed it out, I can see the electrical cord! Guess I didn't look at the actual pattern page. Thanks for pointing that out. If you do end up making it, I'd love to see a picture. :D


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