Macramé Monday!

Photo from Accenting With Macramé, published in 1979

"Sounds of your favorite music accompany the musical splashes as the speakers are kept dry and away from the rivulets of water or spray...The patio is in a party giving, or just comfortable at home mood, with redwood and synthetic fiber combined and designed to hold speakers that weigh 60 lbs. each."

Yep. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Photo from Step One, published in 1978

This design is a real treat! The speaker tables are built right into the lamp shades. It keeps them off the floor and out of the way, and turns a pair of boring speakers into a focal point. You gotta admit, that is a pretty nifty storage solution. And in that yummy mustard yellow oh-so-70s color too!


  1. I'm really kinda diggin' the speaker tables at the spa area. I can TOTALLY picture Burt Reynolds in that hot tub with a couple of ladies and a cigar "...while sounds of your favorite music accompany the musical splashes..."

  2. LOL! Hilarious! :P

  3. that is epic. i'm so jealous of whoever has those. the first set is my favorite :)

  4. Me too! If I had a hot tub and gigantic speakers, I'd totally try to make them! lol


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