Macramé Monday!

Macramé Monday is back by popular demand! No, really. People are actually viewing these posts. I figured I'd better be a little more organized from now on, so I just sat down with all my macramé books and marked the pictures that I want to share with the world. And, because I've been slack, here's a double dose of retro goodness.

Photo from Fiber Form and Fantasy, published in 1977

This isn't an advertisement...I think. There's no information given on how to purchase it, and this page is listed in the Table of Contents. Sure seems like an ad though.

Photo from Macramé Hang-Ups, published in 1973

Just a couple of macramé plant hangers, doing their macramé plant hanger thing. But look at the hair! It's so big and round!


  1. wow. the macrapole. Who knew there was a need for such a thing. but, you know, i could kind of see the value there. it would be so much easier to make a macrame plant hanger with the macrapole. Perhaps there's a whole industry that could be served here?

  2. her hair truly is epic! there is a women in town who truly rocks a do like that.... everyday. I really can't understand how you'd put yourself through so much pain (rollers overnight.... are they serious?!) for "fashion"

    My mum used to do macrame. I remember it now. It's all coming rushing back. She had a Macrapole.... I didn't know what it was back then (when I was like 5) but now I do.... you learn new things everyday :)

  3. Thanks for your comments guys!

    The macrapole really is awesome. I wonder how many macramé-ers were hardcore enough to actually buy one?

    I don't have the patience to do something like that with my hair, let alone the tolerance for roller-pain. Probably for the best. ;)

  4. The hair looks like it needs a macrame holder itself!


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