Dr. Doolittle has nothing on me

I've been a very busy lil' zombie lately, having lots of lil' zombie adventures. They all seemed to involve cute lil' non-zombie animals, though it wasn't planned that way. There were otters, dolphins, belugas, seals, turtles, fish, goats, alpacas, finches, peafowl, pigs, ducks, chickens, mini horses, owls, eagles, ravens, hawks, falcons, and turkey vultures. Oh my!

My laptop is now filled with a gazillion and one pictures that I have to go through. Sometime. Eventually. I'll do it, I swear. Don't you judge me!!! The fact that I still haven't gone through the pictures taken last June during my mom's visit totally doesn't count.

I really hate doing it though. It's really hard to choose which ones to keep, even when I have oodles of different shots of one thing. Nobody wants to look at two dozen pictures of the same bird, even if his head is in a slightly different position in each one. Nobody but me anyway. I definitely want to look at two dozen pictures of the same bird. And I do.

But I digress...

Anyway, I'll put all the pictures on Flickr, but I'll post my favorites here, accompanied with my special brand of witty commentary. You know you love it.

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