Beacon Hill Children's Farm

A few weeks ago Mr. Zombie and I finally visited the Petting Zoo in Beacon Hill Park. It's one of the many things that we've been putting off. Well, mostly me I guess, since I'm pretty sure squealing over cute baby goats didn't make his bucket list.

Beacon Hill Park
Mr. Baby Goat and I   (Hey look! I can make actual captions!)

The goats were absolutely adorable! And sooooo many babies! They were all running around willy-nilly and even hopping on any adult who stood still for too long - and I mean any adult, people included.

Beacon Hill Park
Nobody I know. Just a lucky guy with a goat on his back.

Check out this video of the kids playing! How cute is that?

Awww!! They think they're all grown up!

That noise near the end? That would be the peacocks. There are oodles of beautiful peafowl wandering around the park, and holy crap on a cracker, are the peacocks loud! I guess they're vying for the attention of the sexy lady peahens. We only saw two peahens though, not sure if that's due to all the commotion or not. I think the chances are pretty good that they were all loitering in the ladies room gossiping about the boys.

Beacon Hill Park
Mr. Peacock struttin' his stuff  *bom chicka wow wow*

You can check out the rest of the photos here, if you're so inclined. There are shots of almost every animal at the zoo, plus a few others taken around the park.

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