Macramé Monday!

I love macramé! No really, I do! Like a lot of textile arts, it was huge in the 70s. It was actually so huge, that it got stuck there. That's right, it's just too big and too glorious for the future.

So here's one of my latest vintage finds; an Owl Macramé Plant Hanger Kit or Wall Hanging with actual size owl! Yay! It's unopened, still (mostly) sealed in plastic, and fully awesome. It's caused quite a stir around these parts, I must say. Lots of people are asking lots of questions. Should I make the plant hanger? Or the wall hanging? Should I even open it? What if an evil demon with plans for world domination is released? You know, like in all those made-for-TV movies. Even worse - what if it's a tie-dye wearing hippie demon with flowers in its hair? Oh, the humanity!

Owl Macrame kit!

So anyway, here's the deal; I'm going to post something macramé-related every Monday. Or most Mondays. At least some Mondays. You know, until I run out of things to post or just get bored with the whole thing. I have a bunch of old how-to books with lots of groovy pictures. I even know how to tie a few different knots. Not that good, mind you. I made a pretty sickly looking owl last week that's never going to see the light of day. But hey, practice makes perfect...hopefully.

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  1. thats so cool!! you should make them both!!! :D xx


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