doing my best Michael Jackson zombie dance*

Holy crap on a cracker! My spinny-dizzy-bunny-rabbit embroidery was featured on Mr. X Stitch for Too Cute Tuesday!

you spin me right round...

It is so weird to see this on such an awesome site. I put so much work into this piece, from the very first doodle to the very last stitch. I'm super-duper thrilled that other people like it, and I'm thrilled-to-the-max that Beefranck liked it enough to feature it on Mr. X Stitch!

Hey, remember when my Rocky Horror Picture Show embroidery was featured on Mr. X Stitch? I sure do!

You can check out a few more pictures of the bunnies (and all my other stitchy goodness) in my Flickr photos.

*thrilled...Thriller...Michael Jackson...dancing zombies...get it?  :P

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