blu-ray annoys me

Do you want to know why Blu-Ray annoys me? I'll tell you why. The cases are smaller than DVD cases*. If I keep both formats separate, I'm left with a mish-mash of movies and TV shows. If I sort everything alphabetically, the row is uneven. And annoying. So, for now, I've left it alphabetically. Movies on the left, TV shows on the right, and the CDs crammed in between the two. Actually though, this leaves me with another problem; some movies sequels have non-alphabetically-sequential names, like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and so on. So, if I want to keep those together, it screws up the whole alphabet thing. I suppose I could sort them into genres, or maybe just keep all the sequelly movies together, but alphabetized according to the original's title. None of this helps me with the Blu-Ray/DVD thing though. Then again, I could be overthinking this whole thing.

I really like my solution for the Wii games and remotes (or wiimotes, whatever) - Star Trek popcorn bucket!

*Another reason for annoyance: I had to edit this post because I spelled it wrong.

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