I can't even begin to describe the sheer awesomeness of this dinosaur sweater. In fact, the whole ensemble is beyond words! I'll just let you bask in the glory that is 80s fashion.

This was lurking in my drafts folder...

I wrote this ages ago, way back on March 18, 2010. That's almost a year ago! Holy way-to-stay-on-top-of-your-blog, Batman! Of course, if Batman had a blog he'd probably just build something to write it for him. Damned millionaire playboys, grumble, grumble, grumble...

Anyway, this post may be old and not quite finished, but it's still relevant. I still have days like these, as do others I'm sure. So here goes:

My brain (referred to from here on as Brain) kept finding things that I just had to do before I went out. I was only heading to Michaels for a mini shopping spree, so it certainly wasn't the destination that was causing me to procrastinate. First there was the vacuuming. Ok, fair enough. Like Brain said, I probably would have been too tired to do it when I got home. Then Mad Cat needed to be brushed. Ok. I guess that was kind of important, since he was following me around meowing. When I started rearranging furniture though, I clued into Brain's evil plans. She wanted me to stay inside on a beautiful sunny day! What a bitch!

Seriously though, I hardly ever feel like that anymore. It's a horrible feeling, and I doubt someone who's never experienced it will really understand it. I find it hard to describe as well. Not quite a fear, and not quite a panic attack. I just really want to stay home and stay alone. Something as simple as grocery shopping, or even getting the mail make me cringe.

I went outside, and felt relieved as soon as I left the building. I made my way to Michaels along the Galloping Goose Trail (over the awesome bridge), and spent a very happy hour weaving my way through the aisles.

It can be bad when I'm there. I can be bad. I'll see something that I recognize from one of the many crafty-type blogs I'm addicted to ("Hey, there's that fabric paint Jennifer used on her tiger hoody! I could totally do something like that with my battered old BME shirts"). This fires up the WANT section of Brain, which in turn causes the Justification section of Brain into overdrive. I gaze at it longingly for a bit, letting my mind wander and plan, before reality jerks me back. I've spent too much on crafts and projects lately, and I have a dozen different things in various stages of completion scattered around the apartment. I really, really, shouldn't buy anything new for awhile. Then I argue with Brain for awhile, shooting practical arguments back at her, even though I secretly want her to win.

So that's the forgotten post, as is. It ends abruptly, but that's ok. All that matters is that I forced myself to go out and do something. I usually feel better when I actually get myself out there. Even though I know this, I still need reminding sometimes.


crafty like a dinosaur

dino cookie cutters

Sometimes my mind wanders into weird territory while brainstorming crafty ideas, and I have no clue how it gets there. It's actually more of a transporter of thought than a train of thought, jumping randomly from A to C, instead of following the logical path of A, B, C. I live for these moments.

So what do you get when you combine awesome cookie cutters with transported thoughts and random craft supplies?

I love dinosaurs
An awesome Valentines Day decoration!

Who says Valentine's Day decorations have to be hearts? Not me! Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, and I love dinosaurs (and dinosaur contemporaries such as pterosaurs)! :)

I traced my dinosaur (and pterosaur) cookie cutters onto card stock, cut them out, gave them a coat of Mod Podge for durability, then glued them onto a piece of yarn. I think they look quite lovely next to my decorated-for-Valentine's Day NOTLD poster!


Me? On Mr. X Stitch? :O

Words addedMy Rocky Horror embroidery was featured on Mr. X Stitch!

You should have seen how far my jaw dropped when I saw it!

(hint: it was a lot!)


mah fingers ish schticky

playing with tissue paper

Valentine's Day is coming up! Know what that means? An excuse to play with all the craft supplies I've been hoarding..er..I mean, collecting!

A dollar store recently opened up next to my regular grocery store. It's a good one too! It's not Dollarama, but it has a lot of great stuff in it, including craft stuff. The other day I bought a pack of two heart-shaped styrofoam thingies. No plan, I just figured I'd play and see if anything exciting happened.

I gathered up all the pink and red stuff I had, which wasn't a lot. Mostly it was just papers and buttons, and not a whole lot of buttons even. This, of course, means I need more buttons. But I digress...

playing with tissue paper

I grabbed the Mod Podge and started adhering torn bits of pink tissue paper to one heart. I liked the crunchy, squishy, buckled kind of texture I was getting by using too much Mod Podge and gluing the tissue paper on too fast, so I just went with it. It was actually kind of fun! I did the other heart in purple, just because. When a couple layers had dried, I snipped off a bit of ribbon, looped it, and attached it to the heart with a straight pin. Voila! Instant ornament for...something and somewhere. I'll get to that part later.

I wasn't bored yet, so I smeared more tissue paper on some pink card stock with the Mod Podge. This was actually kind of therapeutic, in a zen-like zoning out kind of way. I left it overnight, partly because I used a lot of Mod Podge, and partly because I had no idea what to do next. Inspiration struck at some point during the night. I printed a heart shape onto card stock, then used that to trace a bunch of hearts onto the back of my masterpiece. Then I cut them out and thought of things I could use them for. There are loads of possibilities: use them in a garland, glue them onto picture frames, use them to make cards, attach them to random objects around the house, and so on.

playing with tissue paper

I like making stuff. :)


Rubber 2011

I want to make love to this movie.

Some of the highlights include; Robert turning around to face the cop car, the "this is what our killer looks like" scene ("Is it black?" *stare*), and the shower scene.


I heart horror posters!!

Valentine's Day is coming up! Another excuse to make crafts and decorate!

Notice anything unusual about them? ;)

Puppet Master 1989

So, I'm watching this movie while stitching, and this truly OMGWTF scene came on. It's actually so OMGWTF that I just had to share with you guys*! Well, actually this whole movies is a series of OMGWTF. Anyway, here ya go!

*Legal disclaimer: What has been seen, cannot be unseen. Also, please don't hate me.


blu-ray annoys me

Do you want to know why Blu-Ray annoys me? I'll tell you why. The cases are smaller than DVD cases*. If I keep both formats separate, I'm left with a mish-mash of movies and TV shows. If I sort everything alphabetically, the row is uneven. And annoying. So, for now, I've left it alphabetically. Movies on the left, TV shows on the right, and the CDs crammed in between the two. Actually though, this leaves me with another problem; some movies sequels have non-alphabetically-sequential names, like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and so on. So, if I want to keep those together, it screws up the whole alphabet thing. I suppose I could sort them into genres, or maybe just keep all the sequelly movies together, but alphabetized according to the original's title. None of this helps me with the Blu-Ray/DVD thing though. Then again, I could be overthinking this whole thing.

I really like my solution for the Wii games and remotes (or wiimotes, whatever) - Star Trek popcorn bucket!

*Another reason for annoyance: I had to edit this post because I spelled it wrong.


Kindergarten Cop

I'm watching this now while I eat my oatmeal (nom nom nom).I don't remember laughing so hard the first time I saw it, and I definitely don't remember coming this close to snorting oatmeal out my nose during this scene.