Christmas at my apartment

candy cane reindeer rainbow
Rainbow Reindeer!.

So, these candy cane reindeer are old news, and that's my (pretty boring akshully) Christmas tree in the background, but wait! There's more! More Christmas decorations, I mean. Here's a photo tour of (most of) the Christmas decorations in my place.

owl in a wreath
Owl chillin' on a wreath in my entrance.

santa latch hook wall hanging
Thrifted latch hook Santa on the bathroom door.

kitty sock garland
A garland of adorable kitties in socks over the bedroom door! Free printable from happythought.

kitty sock garland
Second from the right is a Ziggy Stardust kitty!

Christmas garlands
My Betty Page & Alice in Wonderland wall, slightly gussied up with Christmas garlands.

Christmas garlands
The rainbow star one is technically a Christmas decorations, but it may just have to stay up year round! I made the Cardinal one with thrifted vintage paper coasters, and was inspired by Dottie Angel's tutorial for "a little string of joyfulness".

xmas moose
Even my plush mounted moose head got into the spirit of things!

Christmas bookcase 2011
The bookcase in the living room.

TP snowmen
Two Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen made by my crafty Aunt Juanita. (Yep, you read that right!) I was going to do a tutorial for these before Christmas as there's a secret Christmassy message on their backs, but time got away from me. I suppose I still can though, since snowmen can stay out all winter.

joy dinosaur
A vintage Drumheller dinosaur souvenir poses with a teeny tiny tree. I had just bought the vintage dino off Etsy, so of course I had to keep him up for Christmas. 

Christmas owl cross stitch
I also got this vintage (or secondhand at least) framed cross stitch from Etsy. It's an owl! Wearing a  Santa hat! Perched on "NOWL"! Get it? Noel + owl = Nowl! Tee hee hee!

tshiny tinsel wreath
Just a shiny tinsel wreath, bein' all shiny and tinselly.

Christmas tree topper
I found this tree topper just before Christmas at a local thrift shop for only $1.99! Two of the light-cup-thingys are missing, but you can't even really notice that. In fact, I didn't even notice until I was editing this photo.

xmas holly elf bell
I also found this kitschy plastic-holly-bell with an elf creature sitting on top! For only $3.99!

Elf on a bell made of holly
A close up of the elf creature.

Christmas flamingo
And last, but certainly not least, my light up pink flamingo! This was an early gift from my Mom. I named him Floyd. There's also a few of the cut & fold Christmas paper toys I made. From left to right we have Zanta, Frisky the SnowCat (under JingleCats), Sweet Tooth (also under JingleCats), and finally, the Krampus.

Happy New Year!


Macramé Monday!

macrame christmas decorations
Back cover of Macramé Award Winning Designs, copyright 1980 Classic Publication, Inc.

Here's one last Christmasy macramé photo for the year! I do like the wreaths, but I love the gingerbread hideaway house. It's even got a cute lil' fluffy tree on the end!


Merry Christmas!

Christmas Smurf Pjs
3 year old me on Christmas morning


Calvin's Snowman House of Horror

Is it weird that I got a little choked up watching this? Calvin & Hobbes was a huge part of my childhood/teenager-hood). I own all the books (well, as many as I need to have every comic) and re-read them at least once a year. Actually, I also get a little choked up every time I read the final comic. The funnies are serious business, folks.


Candy Cane Reindeer

candy cane reindeer
from the Canadian Living Christmas Idea Book, 1986

These little guys are just so darned cute! I make a bunch almost every year for stocking stuffers, gift toppers, and hey, just because I can. They take no time at all and are super-duper simple. I made a big bunch in under an hour the other day, and that included the time it took to get everything together and find the camera. (I have camera gremlins. They're kinda like missing sock gremlins.)

candy cane reindeer supplies

candy canes * pipe cleaners * pom poms * googley eyes * glue gun * and glue!

candy cane reindeer how to numbered

How to:
1. Twist & bend the pipe cleaner to make antlers.
2. Glue on the googley eyes.
3. Glue on the pom pom nose.

And you're done!

I discovered a new way to make the antlers this year.

candy cane reindeer spiral antler how to

1. Wrap the pipe cleaner.
2. Stretch the pipe cleaner.
3. Twist the pipe cleaner!

Once you've got the basics down pat, you can make all kinds of fun reindeer creatures.

candy cane reindeer pink & green

Pretty in pink reindeer...

candy cane reindeer twisty antlers

Double the antlers for double the fun...

candy cane reindeer albino twins

Albino reindeer...

cyclops candy cane reindeer

A cyclops reindeer...

candy cane reindeer cyclops

...and many cyclopes reindeer!

They're tied for my most-favorite-candy-cane-reindeer-ever with...

rainbow candy cane reindeer 2

...rainbow reindeer!

candy cane reindeer rainbow

Next on the list...rainbow cyclopes!

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Macramé Monday!

macrame christmas kissing balls
photo from Accenting With Macramé, Craft Course Publishers, 1979

"Make a KISSING BALL in the traditional Holiday colors or be innovative and select colors to harmonize with the wall paper and drapes. Mary Fish is our talented, creative lady for this festive design. We have displayed ornaments and pomander balls, but wouldn't stained glass be attractive when hung inside the KISSING BALL."


I moved! Sort of!

Good news everyone! I bought my own domain name! I'm officially a helmet-wearing zombie, blogging from beyond the grave...well, from beyond a new web address at least. I feel very professional. Except for that whole not-making-any-money thing (details, details). I've wanted to take the plunge and do the zombies-wearing-helmets-dot-com thing for awhile actually, ever since I started watermarking my photos. I always felt like I should put the actual web address on there too, but that just looked silly. Plus it was twice the amount of work. Time is money, people! Unless you're not making any. And I'm not.

And swiftly moving on!

So now what? I kind of want to spruce things up a bit around here, and by "spruce things up a bit", I mean redo the whole damn thing. The poor dear deserves a proper banner, don't you think? Perhaps some sort of background, and definitely some social media buttons (right now they won't show up because of the awkward tweaking I've done to the innocent and ever-so-trusting html). In short, I want it to look...pretty. I also want people who stumble upon it to have at least a tiny inkling of what it's all about. (Fun fact! I have absolutely no recollection of adding "zombies, crafts, dinosaur and kitsch" to the top there. And I totally just noticed it then. This is how observant I am, and why I'll never be a detective.) So, I really need to figure out what the hell this blog's about - and what the hell I'm about!

I like to write about soooo many different things. It's not really a craft blog, 'cause I only do a tutorial or show off a craft project every now and then (or hardly ever, whatever, don't you judge me). It's not really a personal blog, 'cause I don't really get into too many personal details. It's not even really a zombie blog, which contradicts totally with the name. But, I like the name! It's silly, unique and (I think) fits my personality. (And hell, if I were a zombie, I'd totally wear a helmet! I mean, wouldn't you?) And don't even get me started on all the random dinosaur, bird and macramé posts, YouTube videos and adolescent fangirl admissions. And then what about all the stuff I always intend to write about but totally forget, like my awesome thrifted finds and those embroidery patterns I promised way back in August? Confused? I sure am. It must be time for a photo break!

xmas crafts
So this is what I did today. ALL OF THIS CROSS STITCHING!!!
Ok fine,  I just did a little bit of it today. Feel free to remain impressed though.
I also vacuumed, but that wasn't very photogenic.
Know what you're not going to see on here? Outfit posts. A few of my favourite bloggers do them regularly, but most of their clothes are super cute vintage stuff. Most of mine are t-shirts. Black t-shirts. It'd get boring really quick. Oh wait! It already is.

This past year has been one big annoying roller coaster ride, the kind with all the loops and upside down vomity bits. I don't really like writing about the bad stuff on here, not really anyway. Sometimes I may need or want to write about it, but mostly I try to focus on the positive. This is a hobby, and I enjoy the crap out of it. Yes, I've written oodles of posts this year, many more than in previous years, but I don't think many of them were very personal. (Were they?) It just seems like most of my favourite bloggers are really good at letting their personality shine through - or at least the personality that they're choosing to broadcast to the world.

I'd still keep my blog even if no one else ever read it, but I do love that some of the things that I like to ramble on about seem to strike a chord with others. So let me ask you a question: which of my ramblings are YOU interested in? Is there anything in particular you'd like to see more of? Perhaps a few more smatterings of personal info? Photos of my kitschy thrift store treasures? More crafts, either tutorials or just photos of the random stuff I make? I always get a few more followers each time I post a craft tutorial, but there must be something else that piques your interest, or you'd have un-followed me a long time ago! Has anyone actually read down this far? Oh, and any thoughts on my "about" page? Got any burning questions for me? What kinds of stuff do you like seeing on people's bios?

And I want your honest opinions of course, but please remember Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick!


I'm baaaaaack!

Well, I didn't succeed at NaBloPoMo, and by extension, NovZomCon. I only missed it by about a half hour too. Doh! I did enjoy writing everyday though - for the most part. There were days when it felt more like an obligation than a fun hobby, and there were days I didn't feel like writing about zombies. (Gasp!) There was even a week where I was horribly sick and jet lagged, and pretty much just shambled around the apartment in a daze - kinda like a zombie actually. There are a couple posts from that week which I don't even really remember writing. Overall though, it was fun. I'm just happy it's over!

Lots of stuff happened behind the scenes too. For instance, I finished the month in a different province than I started it in (hence the jet lag). Then when I finally came out of my sleepy-sneezy-and-dopey stupor, I rearranged most of the furniture in my apartment. I think I'm finally happy with the way I have things laid out now, after living here for over a year. It definitely feels more homey now. I also hung a bunch of stuff up on the walls and reorganized all the closets and cupboards. I have a huge pile of stuff to donate.

And I bought a new laptop! Yay! My old one (like, really old) has been ridiculously slow for ages, and has developed a nasty habit of crashing when I'm in the middle of something. Plus, the battery would only last about 20 minutes before dying and the keys were falling off. It was time for a change. My shiny new laptop does what I want it to without having to think it over first, lasts forever unplugged, and has a webcam! I named it Daryl, after a certain crossbow wielding cutie.

You know that holiday that's quickly approaching, the one where people max out their credit cards? Yeah, I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about the whole thing. On the one hand, I get to buy gifts for the people I love, decorate with shiny things and listen to all the wonderful traditional Christmas music - you know, like Snoopy VS The Red Baron and Disco Santa Claus. But on the other hand, stores are crowded, people are stressed, and this will be the first Christmas I've spent away from my family. Le sigh. I may need to get more shiny things.


zombie paper toys

Wowzers! It's the last day of NovZomCon! Holy where-did-the-month-go Batman! It's a good thing too, 'cause I'm running out of zombie-writing steam. Also, stuff to post about for certain days. Looks like I'll need to do some more tweaking of the Daily Dead categories next year!

Anyhooooooo....wanna see some zombie paper toys?

Zombie Prom Queen & King

Zombie Jock & Cheerleader

Zombie Freud

Calling All Cars - Zombie Jerom

Zombie Lemi

Destroy All Zombies

And last, but certainly not least...Zombie Santa! His friends call him Zanta.

Zanta the Zombie Santa Papercraft

I'm trying really, really hard not to be a grinch this year. I don't really have an excuse anyway, since I'm not working in retail at the moment. Finding cool stuff like Zanta here sure helps too!


zombie gingerbread ornaments

Since Christmas is almost upon us (shudder), I found a Christmas ornament craft tutorial to share with you: zombie gingerbread men! I've seen the actual cookie version of these around the interwebz, but this is the first ornament I've come across. I like the use of fabric paint for the blood because it looks all sticky and wet, but a completely stitched version would be totally cute too.

How to Make Zombie Gingerbread Ornaments from Halloween Alliance

Wanna hear something really weird? I've never made one single zombie craft. Not even anything slightly un-deadish! I shall have to remedy that.


the return of the living dead

image from The Blood Sprayer

This is such an awesome movie! I can't believe I haven't mentioned it here on my humble bloggy blog before, 'cause it's one of my favorite zombie flicks. The modern zombie owes just as much a debt to this film as it does to Night of the Living Dead. That whole "zombies eat brains" thing? Yup, that's from this movie! And besides that, it's a hilarious, over-the-top gorefest. It also has 80s punks, nudity, and un-killable zombies. You cut them up, the pieces come after you. You burn the pieces, the smoke infects everyone who inhales it. It's really very cheery. Oh, and the director, Dan O'Bannon? He co-wrote Alien, which is another one of my favorite movies. (Actually, my Alien obsession almost as bad as my zombie obsession.)

A documentary of the making of this movie has just been released as well, entitled (appropriately) More Brains. I don't own it yet, but it looks pretty chockerblock full of cool stuff. I don't own the movie either, so I guess I've got a lot of catching up to do with my DVD collection!

More Brains!


save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel

Chances are that if you've been following my zombie ramblings this month, you've seen Romero's Night of the Living Dead. (I certainly hope so anyway!) Remember the very first scene in the graveyard with the zombie, and the chasing, and the coming-to-get-you-Barbara? Well, the chapel in that graveyard is pretty much falling apart, so there's a campaign to raise enough money - a whopping $50,000 - to restore it!

Fix The Chapel artwork poster by Terry Callen

Want to help? Of course you do! After all, Since NOTLD is in the public domain, Romero - and everybody else involved I spose - doesn't see one penny from all the merchandise out there. I myself own the movie - on VHS and DVD - and have the poster hanging in my living room. I kinda feel obligated in some way, so I'm buying the Fix The Chapel poster to hang up as well. Merry Christmas to me! Besides, how cute is that poster anyway? All the zombies are getting together to rebuild it! What do you suppose is in that lunchbox?


accessories for chilly zombies

Zombie socks that I want!

from Dress Derby

Zombie socks that I don't want as much!

also from Dress Derby

Zombie slippers that I want!

from ThinkGeek

Zombie hat that matches the zombie slippers that I want!

from ThinkGeek (of course!)

Zombie Attack Hoodie that I just saw on ThinkGeek when I was looking for the slippers and hat! (Want!)

ThinkGeek (didn't I just say that?)

Zombie handmade gloves and hat from Tiny Bully who makes all kinds of awesome fingerless gloves and I want all of her awesome fingerless gloves because they are awesome!

Tiny Bully on Artfire