Zombies rock!

So...Walking Dead on AMC. Fully awesome, right? While I don't love everything about the first two episodes (and I was downright huffy in places), overall it's living up to my fangirl expectations. I'll probably write more about it later (after all, the internet thrives on opinionated opinions), but I just wanted to bring up one little thing.


The majority of zombie geeks seem to really resent when zombies are shown using tools. For instance, the zombies in last night's episode of The Walking Dead used a rock to break through the glass wall of the department store. Apparently, zombies aren't supposed to be able to do that. There's one little thing everyone seems to have forgotten though: the scene in Night of The Living Dead where the very first zombie shown picks up a rock and hits the car window with it in an attempt to get at Barbara. He knew what he was doing, too. You can totally tell that he's thinking, "Damn these squishy dead hands of mine! If only I had something hard to hit the glass with." (Looks around.) "Oh hey, a rock! Kick ass!"

Ok, maybe "kick ass" isn't the right phrase. This was during the 60s, so it was probably more like, "Oh hey, a rock! Groovy man, groovy!" Either way, if George Romero (Grandfather of The Zombie), says that zombies use tools, I believe him.

Of course, this makes surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse even harder. Before, we merely had to draft complicated escape plans, master at least one weapon, cache food and water in various localities, and come to terms with shooting Grandma in the face.

Now we also have to hide all the damn rocks.

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