i'm a whiny wrimo

NaNoWriMo is so not going well. Not for me anyway. I have a vague plot outline, a few boring characters, and absolutely no inspiration. I'm writing, but not enough. I'm blaming it on the stress of the past couple months, but really, that excuse can only go so far. It's already being used for my neglect of Swap-Bot and embroidery projects, and even my muffin top. Well, the easily available Halloween candy was more to blame for the muffin top. It's a damned fine muffin top too! Lots of chocolate eyeballs were sacrificed in it's name.

Zoiks! I'm more tired than I thought! Must be bed time!

Maybe one of my characters can sign up for NaBloPoMo or something. That should be good for a few extra thousand words each week. lol

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