I can't catch a break

Know how I said the snow wasn't sticking? Well, not only did it stick, it blew around all day in 90 mph winds. It was a frickin' blizzard! Gah!


  1. We're getting something similar - snow down, lots of wind, nipply in general - just got the snow tires on the car yesterday and not a moment too soon. Apparently it's pandemonium this morning accidents left & right

    It may be time to finally concede to winter...I'm still wearing sneakers as a last act of defiance, but I will surely crumble in time. Stupid physics & chemistry transforming things into a winter wonderland.

  2. I'm still wearing sneakers too. Know why? 'Cause I live in Victoria! ARGH! I'm not supposed to need winter boots! I guess my winter coat is coming back with me after Christmas. Of course, then I won't need it, because I'll have it. See how that works? :P


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