The Big Bang Theory

I frickin' love this show! Ok, maybe it can be a bit predictable at times. It might recycle a few jokes, but doesn't every socially conscious TV sit-com? This show actually makes me LMAFO, and sometimes there's even a little ROFL. I have a major crush on Leonard (omigod so awkward and cute!!!), and Evil Wil Wheaton is totally adorable too! Ooh, and I always sing along when Penny sings Soft Kitty.

Spoiler alert!

I missed the middle of tonight's episode because my mother called (boo). The ending was great though (boo-urns)! Highlights? Amy Farrah Fowler's lesbian experimentation solution for cheering Penny up after their slumber party game of Truth or Dare ended poorly, and Sheldon first stealing the 21 seconds of Raiders of the Lost Ark, then sing-humming the theme song while running away from the angry mob of fanboys.

Ah, good times.

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