will you be my Halloweenie?


I really, really do!

I love everything - spooky, creepy, scary, cutesy, silly, sexy, corny, and funny! I also love how it gets the creative juices flowing through my veins (they get a little blocked with cholesterol sometimes, you know, the non-creative kind that reads too many blogs and watches too much TV). But I digress....

I love decorating for Halloween. I've got a pretty decent start on some crafts. This is good, because all my old Halloween stuff is currently at my mom's house, which is a whole country away. It's dark here, and my lighting is crap, so I really need daylight to take decent shots. Believe me on this one, I just tried.

***I just found this post in my saved drafts. I guess I had planned to elaborate on the Halloween crafting before posting. Oh well. I'll just add my flickr link now. Check out my set of Halloween crafts if you're bored. :P

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