I'm a wiener!

I won something! Now I can't whine about never winning anything anymore. Nope, no more whining from this winning wiener.

It was just a random draw on someone's blog, but, it's a fantastic prize - a funktastic hand embroidered owl! The talented stitcher of said funktastic owl is Giggly Mama. She sells her creations on her Etsy store too (ah-MAY-zing portraits), so you guys should go buy some...for me...or for yourself, that's cool too! Oh, and I don't actually know Giggly Mama, and I didn't win the owl by pimping her embroidery, so get that silly thought out of your heads! Besides, no one reads this blog anyway. :P


  1. Not entirely true lass!! Read yes, commented on...well that part is sporadic :-)

    Congratulations on your great victory and fantastic prize!

  2. Thanks sweetie, for both the reading and the congratulating! :)


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