it's such a magical mysteria

My dreams must have musical soundtracks. I usually don't remember them for more than a couple minutes after I get out of bed, but I'm always humming/singing a random song all morning. Yesterday was Def Leppard's "Hysteria", this morning it's Chris de Burgh's "Lady in Red".

It looks like the 80s trend has wormed it's way into my subconscious. Soon I'll start wearing acid wash jeans and sporting a ponytail with a scrunchy on the side of head.

Heh. "Scrunchy" is a funny word - scrunchy scrunchy scrunchy scrunchy scrunchy scrunchy!!!


Thrifted Dino Puzzle

As promised, and only a few months late, here's one of my awesome finds! This baby was only $3, and hasn't  even been opened! Boo yah! Come on rainy days! You don't scare me anymore!

I found this listed for about $40 on one website, so I could make a profit I suppose. But...then I couldn't put the puzzle together...and I kind of really want to...le sigh


I'm a wiener!

I won something! Now I can't whine about never winning anything anymore. Nope, no more whining from this winning wiener.

It was just a random draw on someone's blog, but, it's a fantastic prize - a funktastic hand embroidered owl! The talented stitcher of said funktastic owl is Giggly Mama. She sells her creations on her Etsy store too (ah-MAY-zing portraits), so you guys should go buy some...for me...or for yourself, that's cool too! Oh, and I don't actually know Giggly Mama, and I didn't win the owl by pimping her embroidery, so get that silly thought out of your heads! Besides, no one reads this blog anyway. :P

this isn't a post about zombies

I'm trying to change my habits a little. I've found in the past that if I don't blog in the morning, like when I'm drinking my coffee, I don't blog at all. Coffee time is spent sitting in front of the computer anyway, so why not throw in something a little more productive in between reading web comics and craft blogs.

Remember November last year? I was doing both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo, cranking out 1600+ words a day on my novel, and writing about zombies everyday on here. Of course, I had more time on my hands then. Oodles of time actually! Knowing exactly what to write about each day helped a lot too. It's not like I don't have anything to write about, it's that I can never think of anything when I'm staring at the "new post" screen.

Sidenote; Does anyone else have a cat that likes to pace back and forth in front between you and the computer? The actual cat, my little Squirmy Wormy, doesn't bother me, but the cat hairs up my nose and in my coffee do.


will you be my Halloweenie?


I really, really do!

I love everything - spooky, creepy, scary, cutesy, silly, sexy, corny, and funny! I also love how it gets the creative juices flowing through my veins (they get a little blocked with cholesterol sometimes, you know, the non-creative kind that reads too many blogs and watches too much TV). But I digress....

I love decorating for Halloween. I've got a pretty decent start on some crafts. This is good, because all my old Halloween stuff is currently at my mom's house, which is a whole country away. It's dark here, and my lighting is crap, so I really need daylight to take decent shots. Believe me on this one, I just tried.

***I just found this post in my saved drafts. I guess I had planned to elaborate on the Halloween crafting before posting. Oh well. I'll just add my flickr link now. Check out my set of Halloween crafts if you're bored. :P