If superheros were hipsters...

...they'd all live in British Columbia. And shop at Value Village. And bitch about their piddly 12% HST constantly.
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guess who's coming to Victoria???

The Ozzman cometh!

No word on Kermit yet.

We're off to see the Wizard!

Yay! I have been blogged about! Well actually, the Somewhere Over the Rainbow Whimsy Jar Lisa made for me has been blogged about! Either way, it's still pretty cool! I haven't taken my own pictures of it yet, but I'll upload them to my Flickr account when I do. I intend to use all of my little prezzies, so I want pictures of it all together. Whenever my partner gets hers (she lives in Europe, probably be another few weeks yet), I'll post pictures of that. I'm quite proud of it, but I'm a little nervous she won't like it. I love it, and had a blast making it though.

I'm really, really bad at blogging about the things I make. There's been a whack-load, especially lately. The intention is always there, but the reason the intention is always there is because I never get around to doing it. It's a vicious cycle indeed. I just woke up, can you tell? :)

I love my little bloggy blog blog blog, and I really need to stop neglecting the poor thing. How about a glimpse of one of my Halloween crafts? Ok, ok, you twisted my rubber arm!

Isn't he just adorable? I got the idea from Value Village's website. I checked out their Halloween ideas again yesterday and guess what? The owl they used is the same one! Must have been fate.


How cool is this?


I would love to visit that cemetery someday. It's now on my list of places to visit. Which is in my head. Which is why I keep forgetting about the places I want to visit.

I should start a list journal. The first list in it could be entitled "Projects I Start and Never Finish Because Something else Fun and Interesting is Bound to Come Along and I'll Start That Before my Other Projects Are Done."

What the hell was I writing about? Oh yeah, the cemetery and how I want to go there.

There's also a huge cemetery in Victoria that I plan to visit. I can't remember exactly who's buried in it, but they have guided tours! It's a teeny bit out out of the way, so that's why I haven't done it yet.

("Places I Want to Visit But Will Probably never Get Around to it" ?)


Don't wanna go to work!!!11

Wanna stay home and make Halloween crafts!!1!!1

Actually, I don't mind working Sundays. It the slowest day of the week! Slow = less customers and less staff. I usually get to eat my lunch alone (the mice don't count).

Nooooo, I'm not completely antisocial! My batteries just recharge better when I'm alone, as opposed to sitting in a lunchroom full of noisy people.

The mice are cute.


Call the Enquirer! The Weekly World News! Good Housekeeping!

The elusive Leahasaurus has been spotted yet again!

The elusive Leahasaurus appears to be photographing everything Swap-Bot related, including all of her crafty type things.

Click it. You know you want to.