first cuppa joe of the day

I love the first cup of coffee in the mornings. I really, really love it. Why wouldn't I? The comforting routine of preparation, the smell permeating through the apartment, the soft clink of the spoon against the over-sized mug - all leading up to the first sip. Then I sit down to read my favorite web comics and blogs. I can indulge in these so-called "time wasting" activities completely guilt free, knowing I have until I can see the bottom on the mug before having to get up and start moving. Plus, the caffeine keeps me from walking into walls - mostly.

And who's this Joe guy anyway?



Think I'm just too white and fluffy
Think I'm just too white and fluffy
Can't you see I'm white and fluffy
Look at me I'm white and fluffy
How'd I get so white and fluffy?



You know, if I'm not fulfilling your blog-stalking requirements, how about checking out the blogs of people who actually have shit going on? That's what I do.

Neil Gaiman's Journal

I want to crawl around naked in this man's brain and harvest his crazy-weird creative brain juice. Have you read Neverwhere? American Gods? Anansi Boys? OMG, are you missing out!

If someone had told me back in the 80s that I'd develop a serious crush on Wesley Crusher (no pun intended, but it would have been if I had thought of it sooner), I'd have laughed in their face, perhaps thrown a few snorts in.

What other blogs do you guys stalk? Can you add to my list?