Since I've been AWOL for ages you guys don't know what I've been up to. So, in no particular order, I've been; looking for a part time job (and being picky about it), embroidering, growing another avocado plant, sightseeing (with mom on her BC vacation), knitting, thrift shopping, more thrift shopping, collecting owls (which is directly related to thrift shopping), volunteering with a few groups, growing my bangs out, not dying my hair, reading, writing, revising, decorating the apartment, taking a million pictures, walking, and doing random crafty things. I'm sure there's lots more, but that's all I can think of right now.

Hey, I have to ease back into this blogging thing, okies?

You wanna fight about it?*

Anyway, I'll go into things in more detail later. Does anyone want me to write about anything in particular? Does anyone even read this thing? Would someone read it if I posted more often? How about if I wrote topless?

*(Family Guy reference)



I've noticed that I've somehow developed a small presence on the World Wide Web - besides the Googley goodness I mean.

You guys should write novels, organize and discuss your book collection, and swap fun crafty things with me. Why? 'Cause I said so.


*tumble tumble tumble*

longest tumbleweed-blowing-across-the-desert scene ever.