Happy belated ZJD!

(skipping through the living room, camera in hand)
I'm going to post the pictures of my Easter bunnies today! What fun!

(leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette)
It's too late. Easter is over.

(pauses midway through room)
I know, I know. I've been pretty slack lately.

I'll say you have! When was the last time you actually looked at me?

(looks at floor and shuffles her feet, without a glance at Calender)
Ummm...what month is it again?

(rolls eyes)
Yeah, that's what I thought.

(starts to cry)
I'm sorry! I've just...had a lot of things on my mind! I'm so sorry!

(flicks cigarette casually on floor)

Calender spits on the floor. He stretches his hands out, cracks his knuckles, then begins walking towards Leah.
(Leah takes a couple steps backwards)
Wait. What are you doing? Don't...don't hit me again! I'll scream!

Camera pans away from characters. Blood splatters on wall. Screams are heard. Calender walks into view of camera, now covered in blood splatter. He lights up another cigarette.

Bitch had it coming.

Calender puffs on the cigarette, as he leans back against the wall.

Whoa. Where did that come from? When I sat down here, I simply intended to post pictures of my Easter bunnies (just like Skipping Leah said), but somehow ended up penning this weird little mini-script. Plus, my chicken almost burned because I was so blissed out while writing it. Plus-plus, I'll never look at a calender the same way again. Ignore a calender again? Maybe.

I have Southern Comfort mixed in 7UP now, so it's all good. Let's get this bunny started!

My Easter vingette is mixed in with my Alice in Wonderland vingette. The Cheshire Cat is hiding in the Gay Sticks.

Evil Porcelain Bunny Slipper wants your soul! Sooooouuulll!!!

Bemused Bunny Sitting on Cabbage wants your chocolate...to hide in his cabbage...for you...because he thinks you're cute.

Mario Bunny is quite comfy sitting in front of the Easter card I got from Rebecca. Doesn't the bunny on the card remind you of Dramatic Chipmunk?

The White Rabbit...

...is late again.

Zombie Bunny mistook this ducky as Meals on Wheels. It was an honest mistake. I think Kinder Surprise Bunny and Robot Bunny were egging him on (pun intended, as always).

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