Daffodil Day

Daffodils. They were adopted by the Canadian Cancer Society in the 50s as a "symbol of hope in the fight against cancer". The flowers have been sold in a national fundraising campaign ever since.

This year they're doing things a little differently. Today, April 9th, marks the first official Daffodil Day. They've decided to launch this pilot campaign only in BC this year, but it's expected to launch nationally next year. The Canadian Cancer Society encourages people to show their support by donating and wearing a daffodil pin.

Remember the Canadian Cancer Society's TV commercial from the early 90s with the little girl singing the song Look What Daffodils Do? Well, I can't find a copy of the bloody thing online, but I did find the radio ad.

What do daffodils do?
They laugh the winter and spring right through
If they can turn rainy skies sunny, I can too
That's what daffodils do

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