Question: What's brown and sticky? *

This was actually written three days ago, but I forgot to post it. My bad.

When Mr. Zombie comes home today, he'll see a bunch of wet twigs in the bathtub. Naturally, he's going to have some questions.

"Leah," he'll ask, "How come there are sticks in the bathtub?"
"Because they're wet."
"But why are there sticks in the bathtub?"
"Because I had to wash them and I didn't want to get the floors wet."
"Because then I'd have to clean it up."
"Why did you wash sticks?"
"Well, they were dirty of course!"
He'll probably pause and count to 10. "Why...do...you...have...sticks?"
"Because I want to glue little pom-poms to them."
At this point, he'll stare at me blankly for a moment, before walking away shaking his head. I'll try to stifle my giggles.

So, yes, I have sticks. Wet sticks. Wet twigs, to be exact. I picked them up for a craft project, and had to wash the dirt off them because, like I said, they were dirty. When I worked at the Wicker, I swore that I'd never decorate (and I use the term loosely) with bunches of twigs stuck in vases.

My bunch of twigs is going to be totally rad though! Ok, so it was this gal's idea for totally rad twigs, and I'm just copying it, but still - too cute! I think it's fantastic, in a acid trip, fairytale sort of way. I bought the itty bitty pom-poms today at Michaels, and now I'm just waiting for the twigs to dry so I can get my glue on.

I've already named my rainbow display: Gay Sticks! They'll match Gay Mouse and Gay Ball perfectly! For those of you who haven't been to my apartment, Gay Mouse and Gay Ball are two of Madison's toys. I've dubbed them as such, because they both have a pattern of rainbow stripes. Rainbow = gay pride = Gay Things. Get it? I'm so clever.

And since I'm only posting this now, here's the finished product! It's not a very nice vase, but it's the only one I had that the Gay Sticks fit into nicely. Perhaps a project for another day? The Easter card is from my cousin Rebecca. I love getting mail. :)

* Answer: A stick (cue sad trombone).


  1. Ohmigawd! These are adorable! I have to copy this trend now :) so colourful and fun!

    Also, does Michaels not just ROCK all the crafty corners of your soul? I love it.

  2. It was fun to make too! I love silliness.

    I love Michaels too. I just bought a bunch of things for various projects, so I'm gonna be busy for awhile. :)


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