A rare glimpse of the elusive Leah...

That was such a fun night! So much fun in fact, that I wrote this on the wall of the girl's bathroom! :D


  1. AH HA! I believe I've spotted the Leah around the 0:04 second mark!

    And again perhaps - in the background hiding away at 3:19ish...?

    An elusive creature to be sure, so rare to catch one on film in her natural environment. Though, there are always traces & clues to where she has been. Truly Remarkable!

  2. I knew I could count on you for a Attenborough-esque comment!

    Yes to the 0:04 mark, maybe to the 3:19 mark - I actually didn't notice that one! I'm clearly not the great naturist you are though. :P

  3. When you've spent as many years in the field as I have you pick up on these things. ;-)

    I bet you never noticed the 17 foot Bengal Tiger @ 2:47 but it was there!! I know what you're thinking! "A Tiger? In Africa?" But it's True!

    Ah the wonders of nature!


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