Merry Belated Xmas!

Of course, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with it's title. That would be the easy way out, and as you all know, I'm all about making things more complicated than they have to be.

Words added

This is the last thing I embroidered for a swap. I dig it, wonky words and all. There are lots of WIP (works in progress) waiting for me back in my apartment. I only brought one project home for my Christmas vacation though. It's a gigantic cross stitch Christmas stocking, and it's still not done. I should actually take a picture of it to post. Cross stitch takes forever! Oh well, maybe by next Christmas. Then I can start on the other gigantic cross stitch Christmas stocking project I bought.

I think my New Year's resolution should be to blog more. What do you guys think? I keep getting caught up in, you know, life. That's why I go for months at a time without posting anything, and why I'm not really writing about anything personal when I do appear out of nowhere. For instance, there was a bunch of craptacular stuff going on last fall that I didn't want to broadcast on the internet. Nothing horrendous, just stuff involving the military, their policies, and my opinions of said military policies. It's all resolved now though, and everything's coming up Milhouse! Some military policies were actually changed because of what was happening to us! Kick ass!


Anyone up for mummering?

Victoria will be having a blue Christmas without me, 'cause baby, I am going home! Wheeeee! I hop on the plane Sunday morning, and get home late Sunday night. Hopefully the snow doesn't decide to follow me...


I can't catch a break

Know how I said the snow wasn't sticking? Well, not only did it stick, it blew around all day in 90 mph winds. It was a frickin' blizzard! Gah!

blah and ick

I've had this head cold for 9 days now. Some days I feel pretty good, others...not so much. I just can't seem to shake it. The weather is not cooperating either. It's snowing. Snowing! Ok, it's actually just a few flakes and it's not even sticking, but it's cold enough to snow. It sucks. Know what else sucks? Not sleeping. The past few nights I've woken up at 2:30, and can't get back to sleep. It's like the Amityville Flu or something.


The Big Bang Theory

I frickin' love this show! Ok, maybe it can be a bit predictable at times. It might recycle a few jokes, but doesn't every socially conscious TV sit-com? This show actually makes me LMAFO, and sometimes there's even a little ROFL. I have a major crush on Leonard (omigod so awkward and cute!!!), and Evil Wil Wheaton is totally adorable too! Ooh, and I always sing along when Penny sings Soft Kitty.

Spoiler alert!

I missed the middle of tonight's episode because my mother called (boo). The ending was great though (boo-urns)! Highlights? Amy Farrah Fowler's lesbian experimentation solution for cheering Penny up after their slumber party game of Truth or Dare ended poorly, and Sheldon first stealing the 21 seconds of Raiders of the Lost Ark, then sing-humming the theme song while running away from the angry mob of fanboys.

Ah, good times.


Zombies rock!

So...Walking Dead on AMC. Fully awesome, right? While I don't love everything about the first two episodes (and I was downright huffy in places), overall it's living up to my fangirl expectations. I'll probably write more about it later (after all, the internet thrives on opinionated opinions), but I just wanted to bring up one little thing.


The majority of zombie geeks seem to really resent when zombies are shown using tools. For instance, the zombies in last night's episode of The Walking Dead used a rock to break through the glass wall of the department store. Apparently, zombies aren't supposed to be able to do that. There's one little thing everyone seems to have forgotten though: the scene in Night of The Living Dead where the very first zombie shown picks up a rock and hits the car window with it in an attempt to get at Barbara. He knew what he was doing, too. You can totally tell that he's thinking, "Damn these squishy dead hands of mine! If only I had something hard to hit the glass with." (Looks around.) "Oh hey, a rock! Kick ass!"

Ok, maybe "kick ass" isn't the right phrase. This was during the 60s, so it was probably more like, "Oh hey, a rock! Groovy man, groovy!" Either way, if George Romero (Grandfather of The Zombie), says that zombies use tools, I believe him.

Of course, this makes surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse even harder. Before, we merely had to draft complicated escape plans, master at least one weapon, cache food and water in various localities, and come to terms with shooting Grandma in the face.

Now we also have to hide all the damn rocks.


i'm a whiny wrimo

NaNoWriMo is so not going well. Not for me anyway. I have a vague plot outline, a few boring characters, and absolutely no inspiration. I'm writing, but not enough. I'm blaming it on the stress of the past couple months, but really, that excuse can only go so far. It's already being used for my neglect of Swap-Bot and embroidery projects, and even my muffin top. Well, the easily available Halloween candy was more to blame for the muffin top. It's a damned fine muffin top too! Lots of chocolate eyeballs were sacrificed in it's name.

Zoiks! I'm more tired than I thought! Must be bed time!

Maybe one of my characters can sign up for NaBloPoMo or something. That should be good for a few extra thousand words each week. lol


it's such a magical mysteria

My dreams must have musical soundtracks. I usually don't remember them for more than a couple minutes after I get out of bed, but I'm always humming/singing a random song all morning. Yesterday was Def Leppard's "Hysteria", this morning it's Chris de Burgh's "Lady in Red".

It looks like the 80s trend has wormed it's way into my subconscious. Soon I'll start wearing acid wash jeans and sporting a ponytail with a scrunchy on the side of head.

Heh. "Scrunchy" is a funny word - scrunchy scrunchy scrunchy scrunchy scrunchy scrunchy!!!


Thrifted Dino Puzzle

As promised, and only a few months late, here's one of my awesome finds! This baby was only $3, and hasn't  even been opened! Boo yah! Come on rainy days! You don't scare me anymore!

I found this listed for about $40 on one website, so I could make a profit I suppose. But...then I couldn't put the puzzle together...and I kind of really want to...le sigh


I'm a wiener!

I won something! Now I can't whine about never winning anything anymore. Nope, no more whining from this winning wiener.

It was just a random draw on someone's blog, but, it's a fantastic prize - a funktastic hand embroidered owl! The talented stitcher of said funktastic owl is Giggly Mama. She sells her creations on her Etsy store too (ah-MAY-zing portraits), so you guys should go buy some...for me...or for yourself, that's cool too! Oh, and I don't actually know Giggly Mama, and I didn't win the owl by pimping her embroidery, so get that silly thought out of your heads! Besides, no one reads this blog anyway. :P

this isn't a post about zombies

I'm trying to change my habits a little. I've found in the past that if I don't blog in the morning, like when I'm drinking my coffee, I don't blog at all. Coffee time is spent sitting in front of the computer anyway, so why not throw in something a little more productive in between reading web comics and craft blogs.

Remember November last year? I was doing both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo, cranking out 1600+ words a day on my novel, and writing about zombies everyday on here. Of course, I had more time on my hands then. Oodles of time actually! Knowing exactly what to write about each day helped a lot too. It's not like I don't have anything to write about, it's that I can never think of anything when I'm staring at the "new post" screen.

Sidenote; Does anyone else have a cat that likes to pace back and forth in front between you and the computer? The actual cat, my little Squirmy Wormy, doesn't bother me, but the cat hairs up my nose and in my coffee do.


will you be my Halloweenie?


I really, really do!

I love everything - spooky, creepy, scary, cutesy, silly, sexy, corny, and funny! I also love how it gets the creative juices flowing through my veins (they get a little blocked with cholesterol sometimes, you know, the non-creative kind that reads too many blogs and watches too much TV). But I digress....

I love decorating for Halloween. I've got a pretty decent start on some crafts. This is good, because all my old Halloween stuff is currently at my mom's house, which is a whole country away. It's dark here, and my lighting is crap, so I really need daylight to take decent shots. Believe me on this one, I just tried.

***I just found this post in my saved drafts. I guess I had planned to elaborate on the Halloween crafting before posting. Oh well. I'll just add my flickr link now. Check out my set of Halloween crafts if you're bored. :P


If superheros were hipsters...

...they'd all live in British Columbia. And shop at Value Village. And bitch about their piddly 12% HST constantly.
Original post in all it's glorious hilarity (hilarious glory?) here.


guess who's coming to Victoria???

The Ozzman cometh!

No word on Kermit yet.

We're off to see the Wizard!

Yay! I have been blogged about! Well actually, the Somewhere Over the Rainbow Whimsy Jar Lisa made for me has been blogged about! Either way, it's still pretty cool! I haven't taken my own pictures of it yet, but I'll upload them to my Flickr account when I do. I intend to use all of my little prezzies, so I want pictures of it all together. Whenever my partner gets hers (she lives in Europe, probably be another few weeks yet), I'll post pictures of that. I'm quite proud of it, but I'm a little nervous she won't like it. I love it, and had a blast making it though.

I'm really, really bad at blogging about the things I make. There's been a whack-load, especially lately. The intention is always there, but the reason the intention is always there is because I never get around to doing it. It's a vicious cycle indeed. I just woke up, can you tell? :)

I love my little bloggy blog blog blog, and I really need to stop neglecting the poor thing. How about a glimpse of one of my Halloween crafts? Ok, ok, you twisted my rubber arm!

Isn't he just adorable? I got the idea from Value Village's website. I checked out their Halloween ideas again yesterday and guess what? The owl they used is the same one! Must have been fate.


How cool is this?


I would love to visit that cemetery someday. It's now on my list of places to visit. Which is in my head. Which is why I keep forgetting about the places I want to visit.

I should start a list journal. The first list in it could be entitled "Projects I Start and Never Finish Because Something else Fun and Interesting is Bound to Come Along and I'll Start That Before my Other Projects Are Done."

What the hell was I writing about? Oh yeah, the cemetery and how I want to go there.

There's also a huge cemetery in Victoria that I plan to visit. I can't remember exactly who's buried in it, but they have guided tours! It's a teeny bit out out of the way, so that's why I haven't done it yet.

("Places I Want to Visit But Will Probably never Get Around to it" ?)


Don't wanna go to work!!!11

Wanna stay home and make Halloween crafts!!1!!1

Actually, I don't mind working Sundays. It the slowest day of the week! Slow = less customers and less staff. I usually get to eat my lunch alone (the mice don't count).

Nooooo, I'm not completely antisocial! My batteries just recharge better when I'm alone, as opposed to sitting in a lunchroom full of noisy people.

The mice are cute.


Call the Enquirer! The Weekly World News! Good Housekeeping!

The elusive Leahasaurus has been spotted yet again!

The elusive Leahasaurus appears to be photographing everything Swap-Bot related, including all of her crafty type things.

Click it. You know you want to.


first cuppa joe of the day

I love the first cup of coffee in the mornings. I really, really love it. Why wouldn't I? The comforting routine of preparation, the smell permeating through the apartment, the soft clink of the spoon against the over-sized mug - all leading up to the first sip. Then I sit down to read my favorite web comics and blogs. I can indulge in these so-called "time wasting" activities completely guilt free, knowing I have until I can see the bottom on the mug before having to get up and start moving. Plus, the caffeine keeps me from walking into walls - mostly.

And who's this Joe guy anyway?



Think I'm just too white and fluffy
Think I'm just too white and fluffy
Can't you see I'm white and fluffy
Look at me I'm white and fluffy
How'd I get so white and fluffy?



You know, if I'm not fulfilling your blog-stalking requirements, how about checking out the blogs of people who actually have shit going on? That's what I do.

Neil Gaiman's Journal

I want to crawl around naked in this man's brain and harvest his crazy-weird creative brain juice. Have you read Neverwhere? American Gods? Anansi Boys? OMG, are you missing out!

If someone had told me back in the 80s that I'd develop a serious crush on Wesley Crusher (no pun intended, but it would have been if I had thought of it sooner), I'd have laughed in their face, perhaps thrown a few snorts in.

What other blogs do you guys stalk? Can you add to my list?



Since I've been AWOL for ages you guys don't know what I've been up to. So, in no particular order, I've been; looking for a part time job (and being picky about it), embroidering, growing another avocado plant, sightseeing (with mom on her BC vacation), knitting, thrift shopping, more thrift shopping, collecting owls (which is directly related to thrift shopping), volunteering with a few groups, growing my bangs out, not dying my hair, reading, writing, revising, decorating the apartment, taking a million pictures, walking, and doing random crafty things. I'm sure there's lots more, but that's all I can think of right now.

Hey, I have to ease back into this blogging thing, okies?

You wanna fight about it?*

Anyway, I'll go into things in more detail later. Does anyone want me to write about anything in particular? Does anyone even read this thing? Would someone read it if I posted more often? How about if I wrote topless?

*(Family Guy reference)



I've noticed that I've somehow developed a small presence on the World Wide Web - besides the Googley goodness I mean.

You guys should write novels, organize and discuss your book collection, and swap fun crafty things with me. Why? 'Cause I said so.


*tumble tumble tumble*

longest tumbleweed-blowing-across-the-desert scene ever.


Daffodil Day

Daffodils. They were adopted by the Canadian Cancer Society in the 50s as a "symbol of hope in the fight against cancer". The flowers have been sold in a national fundraising campaign ever since.

This year they're doing things a little differently. Today, April 9th, marks the first official Daffodil Day. They've decided to launch this pilot campaign only in BC this year, but it's expected to launch nationally next year. The Canadian Cancer Society encourages people to show their support by donating and wearing a daffodil pin.

Remember the Canadian Cancer Society's TV commercial from the early 90s with the little girl singing the song Look What Daffodils Do? Well, I can't find a copy of the bloody thing online, but I did find the radio ad.

What do daffodils do?
They laugh the winter and spring right through
If they can turn rainy skies sunny, I can too
That's what daffodils do


Zombie Jesus at Cyanide & Happiness!!!

Cyanide and 
Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Finally! I was getting worried ol' ZJ wouldn't be making an appearance this year.

But...does this mean there won't be a Zombie Jesus comic next year? Is this the end of Zombie Jesus?


Happy belated ZJD!

(skipping through the living room, camera in hand)
I'm going to post the pictures of my Easter bunnies today! What fun!

(leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette)
It's too late. Easter is over.

(pauses midway through room)
I know, I know. I've been pretty slack lately.

I'll say you have! When was the last time you actually looked at me?

(looks at floor and shuffles her feet, without a glance at Calender)
Ummm...what month is it again?

(rolls eyes)
Yeah, that's what I thought.

(starts to cry)
I'm sorry! I've just...had a lot of things on my mind! I'm so sorry!

(flicks cigarette casually on floor)

Calender spits on the floor. He stretches his hands out, cracks his knuckles, then begins walking towards Leah.
(Leah takes a couple steps backwards)
Wait. What are you doing? Don't...don't hit me again! I'll scream!

Camera pans away from characters. Blood splatters on wall. Screams are heard. Calender walks into view of camera, now covered in blood splatter. He lights up another cigarette.

Bitch had it coming.

Calender puffs on the cigarette, as he leans back against the wall.

Whoa. Where did that come from? When I sat down here, I simply intended to post pictures of my Easter bunnies (just like Skipping Leah said), but somehow ended up penning this weird little mini-script. Plus, my chicken almost burned because I was so blissed out while writing it. Plus-plus, I'll never look at a calender the same way again. Ignore a calender again? Maybe.

I have Southern Comfort mixed in 7UP now, so it's all good. Let's get this bunny started!

My Easter vingette is mixed in with my Alice in Wonderland vingette. The Cheshire Cat is hiding in the Gay Sticks.

Evil Porcelain Bunny Slipper wants your soul! Sooooouuulll!!!

Bemused Bunny Sitting on Cabbage wants your chocolate...to hide in his cabbage...for you...because he thinks you're cute.

Mario Bunny is quite comfy sitting in front of the Easter card I got from Rebecca. Doesn't the bunny on the card remind you of Dramatic Chipmunk?

The White Rabbit...

...is late again.

Zombie Bunny mistook this ducky as Meals on Wheels. It was an honest mistake. I think Kinder Surprise Bunny and Robot Bunny were egging him on (pun intended, as always).


The Royal London Wax Museum

Nick and myself did the tourist thing again, this time at the Royal London Wax Museum. I was pretty excited about it, right up until I actually stepped inside the main exhibit. I stopped dead in my tracks, doing a fantastic impression of a deer caught in headlights (by the way, I'm available for birthday, retirement and stag* parties). The British Monarchy was staring at me, and, well, it was kind of creepy. It was most definitely a "do not want" moment.

Then I got over it.

The photos I took are in this Picasa album, but here are my favorites.


See? There's something for everyone!

*Get it? Deer in the headlights? Stag parties? Nevermind...


better late then never?

I am so far behind on my posts. I've been getting into lots of mischief lately, which means I should have been writing lots of posts. There are bunches and bunches of post ideas flitting about in my brain, just begging to be let out. Begging! I'm also behind on uploading pictures. I've taken oh-so-many pictures!

Okies, I'm off to procrastinate again!


It works much better than an alarm clock

My alarm went off at 7.

Wormy bounded in at 7:30, purring loudly.

Then he stepped on my neck.

Rough translation:

"Good morning Mommy! My bowl is empty. I love you, but I will kill you if this situation is not remedied."


knitting class with a pinch of secret society

A few weeks ago, I enrolled in a beginner's knitting class at the Beehive Wool Shop. It's only once a week for 5 weeks, and we just finished the third class. Here's my progress so far...

That's right. I can now knit a dish cloth, and sometimes fix my mistakes (note the word "sometimes").

***This totally should have been posted earlier this week. We started slippers last night! I also found out that Freemasons own the building that the shop is in, and hold their secret meeting things on the floor above. Exciting!


"squishified" is totally a word

There's been construction along Esquimalt Road since I got here. They're ripping out the sidewalks and replacing them with fresh, squishy concrete. A few weeks ago I was walking on these particular sidewalks, and was completely lost in thought, as per usual. I was jolted back to reality when I realized that I had stepped in something squishy. Thankfully, it was only the new concrete, because it could have been a lot worse. Normally there's someone standing watch to make sure no one gets into the concrete, either accidentally or to draw boobs (yes, I've seen boobs drawn into concrete). Luckily for me (and my sneakers), Concrete Watching Guy was across the road chatting with someone and didn't see me right away. He did notice me after a second, but it was too late; my sneaker had already been squishified and immortalized.

The aftermath. I went back a couple days later to take this photo.
See how I'm demonstrating how to step in wet concrete?

Then I stepped in it again while trying to get out of it. I'm smooth like that.



Question: What's brown and sticky? *

This was actually written three days ago, but I forgot to post it. My bad.

When Mr. Zombie comes home today, he'll see a bunch of wet twigs in the bathtub. Naturally, he's going to have some questions.

"Leah," he'll ask, "How come there are sticks in the bathtub?"
"Because they're wet."
"But why are there sticks in the bathtub?"
"Because I had to wash them and I didn't want to get the floors wet."
"Because then I'd have to clean it up."
"Why did you wash sticks?"
"Well, they were dirty of course!"
He'll probably pause and count to 10. "Why...do...you...have...sticks?"
"Because I want to glue little pom-poms to them."
At this point, he'll stare at me blankly for a moment, before walking away shaking his head. I'll try to stifle my giggles.

So, yes, I have sticks. Wet sticks. Wet twigs, to be exact. I picked them up for a craft project, and had to wash the dirt off them because, like I said, they were dirty. When I worked at the Wicker, I swore that I'd never decorate (and I use the term loosely) with bunches of twigs stuck in vases.

My bunch of twigs is going to be totally rad though! Ok, so it was this gal's idea for totally rad twigs, and I'm just copying it, but still - too cute! I think it's fantastic, in a acid trip, fairytale sort of way. I bought the itty bitty pom-poms today at Michaels, and now I'm just waiting for the twigs to dry so I can get my glue on.

I've already named my rainbow display: Gay Sticks! They'll match Gay Mouse and Gay Ball perfectly! For those of you who haven't been to my apartment, Gay Mouse and Gay Ball are two of Madison's toys. I've dubbed them as such, because they both have a pattern of rainbow stripes. Rainbow = gay pride = Gay Things. Get it? I'm so clever.

And since I'm only posting this now, here's the finished product! It's not a very nice vase, but it's the only one I had that the Gay Sticks fit into nicely. Perhaps a project for another day? The Easter card is from my cousin Rebecca. I love getting mail. :)

* Answer: A stick (cue sad trombone).



I touched a spider!

No, no wait, that's not right...

I voluntarily touched a spider!

If you know me at all, you should recognize the huge difference between those two statements. HUGE! Like,
"Ron Jeremy on Viagra" huge.

I was at the Bug Zoo the other day, and one of the tour guides had a tarantula out of it's cage and was letting adults hold it in their hand. I stayed on the outskirts of the group that was huddled around her, just to make sure I knew where it was so I could vamoose if it decided to pull a Braveheart and charge the crowd screaming "FREEDOM!!!" After a couple of people had held it though, crazy ideas started floating around in my head. I remembered how some lunatic psychiatrists believe that facing your fears is the best way to overcome them, or some crap like that. I asked the tour guide how likely it is for the spider to crawl up your arm, and she replied that it would be very unlikely, as the spider is frightened from being handled, and is kind of just waiting it out. Before I could change my mind, I asked her if I could hold it - but just for a second because I was scared! She gently laid the tarantula on my hand, just touching it's pointy little feet down, before taking it away. What happened next must have looked hilarious, because I squealed, started babbling, and even jumped up and down a little bit. Then, being the complete wimp that I am, started to get a little teary, emotional, and really scared, even though it was all over with. Heh. Oops. Oh well. I'm still stoked that I worked up the courage to actually touch a tarantula.

So now I'm sitting here in my Spider-Man jammies, waiting for my powers to manifest. I am so going to web the cats to the wall!


A rare glimpse of the elusive Leah...

That was such a fun night! So much fun in fact, that I wrote this on the wall of the girl's bathroom! :D


I Was Face-Fucked By Bubble Tea

So there I was, walking down Johnson Street, blissfully carefree and happy. I had just signed up for a knitting class at the Beehive Wool Shop, purchased some embroidery supplies from the Button & Needlework Boutique, and was homeward bound. It was unseasonably warm (even for Victoria), and I was having a great day. That's when a poster in the window caught my eye. It was in the window of a small Chinese restaurant, and proclaimed "We have Bubble Tea!"

"Bubble tea. Hmmm. That's the stuff Jess loves. I should give it a try."

Big mistake.

Now, I wasn't sure what this "bubble tea" was exactly. In fact, I didn't have a danged clue. I was on a crafty high from the textile explorations, however, which naturally leaves me feeling pretty adventurous and, dare I say, a little naughty. I went in, ordered a strawberry flavored bubble tea, and handed over a 5 dollar bill. In return, the lady handed me a big plastic cup that was filled with a pale pink goo, that had a straw jammed into the top of it. I say "jammed" because this thing looked big enough to harpoon whales - fat whales.

"Huh. So this is the famous bubble tea. Ok...I guess it's the taste that makes it famous."

Once back on the street, I continued my walk home. The sun was shining, the hippies were busking, and I was feeling like I belonged. And why not? I was taking classes, starting projects, and now I was drinking bubble tea, just like the locals.

Then I took a sip.

"Strawberry. At least, I think it's strawberry. It's actually kind of bland."

I took another sip.

"Well, at least it's cold, and I am pretty thir - GENTLE JESUS WHAT THE HELL!?!?"

Something had shot out of the straw, into my mouth, and down my throat!

I looked at the drink warily, while trying not to panic and/or vomit on the street. Much to my horror, I could see now that the entire bottom half of the damned thing was filled with little - things.

"Ok, ok, Don't panic! I think they're supposed to be there. Just act nonchalant and try another sip. People are looking!"

Ew. Just...ew.

It was a gelatinous blob. A chewy, tasteless gelatinous blob. I couldn't spit it out, so I chewed. And chewed. And chewed some more, until I had tricked my esophagus into swallowing the damned thing.

I managed to nut up and kept drinking/eating it, mostly to see if it was simply the initial shock of being unwillingly face-fucked that had grossed me out. Nope. Everything about the bubble tea had grossed me out. I ended up dumping it, once I realized I couldn't suck around the chunky bits and just drink the bland strawberry goo.

I may never try anything new again.


Victoria Snippets - I like saying snippets!

I've fallen down the rabbit hole...

Here I am in beautiful Victoria. It really is beautiful, and it feels so much like home too. I sometimes forget that I'm a whole country away from Newfoundland. That familiar feeling never lasts long though. Once I realize that it's February and I'm not shoveling snow, shivering under 37 layers of clothes, or suffering from a perpetually dripping nose, I remember where I am - and I laugh! The weather is the biggest difference for sure. The warmer climate leads to a whole whack of subtle differences from the east coast. It's 10 degrees here most days. There's no wind blowing off the frigid Atlantic Ocean, so when it's 10 degrees - it really is 10 degrees. When I'm out in a sweatshirt, almost everybody else is wearing a winter coat - I'm talking big, puffy, down-filled coats. I'm convinced the apartment below me has their heat turned up most of the time, warming up my apartment so much that I have to open the windows. I see woodsmoke rising from chimneys around the neighbourhood. The house across the road has junks of wood stacked up in the driveway. The grocery stores keep the flowers outside the entrance in, technically, winter. There was a wind warning last week - for 20 knots! Know what that amounted to? My skirt blew up occasionally.

Every now and then I notice something else that's a little bit odd too. I made a list!
  • There's been construction all along the main street by my apartment since I arrived. They seem to be making progress, and I can see the end in sight - much unlike the construction that downtown St. John's was undergoing last year.
  • The firetrucks are yellow.
  • I've yet to see a Union Jack, even though I'm in British Columbia.
  • Trains! I live near the railroad tracks (I'm not sure if I'm on the wrong side or not), and I can hear the train's horn every day around 8AM and 6PM. It's quite loud and I love it!
    Also, I walk across a big blue bridge almost everyday. Sometimes it moves.

      I posted a few pictures on Picasa awhile ago. It was only a few random shots that I had taken with my phone though. I haven't done any official sightseeing yet. Yes, I've been seeing the sights, but it's not official until I take lots of photos while wearing a hawaiian shirt. Anyway, I'll probably be uploading pictures as I take them.


      Speaking of photos, I really should snap some of the apartment. It's coming together quite nicely. We've got some snazzy furniture that I'm really happy with (like the queen-sized-super-comfy-awesome-for-my-back mattress). The counter stools we have for our counter height dining table are crazy-comfy too, plus, they look really cool. The cats even have some furniture of their own. I got a great price on a cat tree at Petcetera. The only problem is, they think the bed is awesome too. So awesome, that they spend both their morning and afternoon naps on it. It's a good thing the cat tree is a giant scratching post as well.

      I've finally got my the Bettie Page poster that Jess gave me up on the wall. She's looking all classy in a poster frame. I'm an adult now, no push pins for me, no sir! There are a few others hung up as well, such as my Night of the Living Dead movie poster. You knew that baby was going up!

      Write, dance, hoop, knit...

      I caught the writing bug last November, so I've been searching for creative writing workshops or courses that I can take, but so far haven't found anything. Nothing that starts earlier than September anyway. I do have my name on a waiting list for a belly dancing course though, and I've signed up for a hooping workshop, but that's not happening until the beginning of April. I've always wanted to make a hula hoop. It's on my ever-growing to-do list of crafty projects. I've also just signed up for a beginner's knitting course, and I'd also like to learn how to crochet.

       The seeing of the sights...

      Oh, the sights to be seen! I haven't even scratched the surface of all the things I want to do yet. I've yet to go to the Royal London Wax Museum, Miniature World, Craigdarroch Castle, Butchart Gardens, UVic, Emily Carr House, and the Victoria Bug Zoo. I want to go on a whale watching boat tour, ride the train, take a horse-drawn carriage tour, go to the planetarium, and go on a ferry tour. That's not even including all the festivals and events coming up this summer!

      What I have done so far has been loads of fun, even just walking into downtown. I have to pass over the Johnson Street Bridge to get there, and it's history is really quite interesting. It was designed by Joseph Strauss, who later went on to design the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It's a bascule bridge, which rises to allow clearance for boats. I've only seen it rise once though, and that was from a distance. City Council wants to replace it with "an enhanced, safer bridge." The total cost is estimated at $63 million. There's a bit of controversy over the proposed replacement. People want to keep it as is because of the history surrounding it. I can appreciate that, but if it is replaced with a modern design, won't 100 years in the future be proud of it's history? I think so. Maybe the guy who invents it will go on to invent a time machine or nebula flavored ice cream, all because of that bridge. Ooh, or maybe bridge flavored ice cream!

      I've explored downtown pretty exhaustively, but I still find new shops almost every time I'm wandering around. There are so many choices here, because there are so many similar stores. Take clothing for example; there are tonnes of independent designer boutiques, vintage clothing shops, "big company, mass-produced" clothing stores, athletic stores, and even second hand stores. There are dozens of home decor and furniture shops. There are magic stores, comic stores, gaming stores, novelty stores, book stores, antique stores, shoe stores, purse stores, pet stores, garden stores, kitchen stores, candy stores, convenience stores, porn stores, art stores, craft stores, and everything-else stores. Starbucks is everywhere, along with dozens of other coffee shops. It's a window shopper's paradise. It's just too damn bad I can't stand window shopping.

      The walking trail along the water is wonderful! It's a popular jogging route, so maybe I'll take that up again soon. The view is absolutely beautiful, even when it's clouded over. On clear days, you can see the Olympic Mountains rising above the horizon. It still throws me off a bit to actually see land on the edge of the ocean. All you can see off Cape Spear is the sky and ocean, with nothing visible on the horizon. I always liked to imagine that the ocean ended in a gigantic waterfall, spilling the Atlantic waters into the unknown. (I always liked to imagine I have Head Explody too, but that's a story for another time.)

      The Royal BC Museum was chock full of amazing things. I didn't have a camera with me (the battery was dead), so I plan to go back one day and take some photos. The exhibits were fantastic. I was a wee bit disappointed with the Woolly Mammoth though. According to the Woolly Mammoth toys in the gift shop, it's a fake. I just assumed it was a real one because there was nothing to state otherwise. I guess the fact that there was no information about the origin of the specimen should have tipped me off though. The rest of the Natural History Gallery was fascinating, though it seemed like there could have been more information supplied with each display. That might just be my geeky nature talking though. It was the same with some of the exhibits in the Modern History Gallery. There are recreations of boats and buildings from 100 to 200 years ago, all of which are amazing. There were certain things though, such as furniture pieces, where I had no clue as to what they were exactly. The First Peoples Gallery seemed to be a bit more informative. I'm guessing it's because of the "foreign" nature of the artifacts.

      Too many snippets...

      Wow. That's quite a lot of snippets! It's actually not really snippets at all, but full blown paragraphs. I guess this could have been broken down into a few different blog posts, instead of smushing it all together like I just did. Oh well, I'm sure I haven't run out of topics yet. Plus, I need to get in a picture-taking groove. It's fully charged and ready to roll!


      Sketchy Jerome by Colleen Power

      All the Newfoundlanders should appreciate this. Black Horse, Mary Browns, Free NFLD, Republic flag, Leo Puddister!



      The Adentures of Mug and Leah - Directer's cut

      I am working on a post that's actually about Victoria and my move up here and all that kind of important life changing stuff. I haven't posted much in the last couple of months, so I have lots to write about. For now though, you can watch a video of me climbing up a hill in Newfoundland. Morgan (Mug) filmed our hike to the Republic flag last summer, so I added it to my original post.

      Morgan has been making a lot of videos this past year. You can check them all out on his YouTube pages - Mug Videos, Mug's Vlog, Mug Reviews, and Venomug Videos.


      Oh yeah! I have a blog!


      I came (to Victoria), I saw (rain, hippies and more rain), I - conquered?

      I should be getting back into the bloggy swing of things shortly - I've got pictures and everything!