Zombie Attack Lampshade and Shaun of the Dead Throw Pillow *whew*

Diary of the Fri-dead: Home decor. Nothing says homey like a horde of the undead lurking in your living room.

Once again, Etsy has proven to be the perfect place to find unique undead decor. Here's a lampshade that appears prefectly normal until the light is switched on, revealing an advancing horde of zombies. The only thing cooler would be ninja zombies, getting closer and closer every time the lamp was turned on. Actually, I'd probably convince myself that these were ninja zombies, and burn my retinas staring at the damned thing to make sure they didn't sneak up on me.

"You've got red on you."

This Shaun of the Dead themed throw pillow is super cute too. I guess I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind cuddling up with Shaun, blood splatter and all.

You can buy this awesome Zombie Attack Lamp Shade and Shaun Throw Pillow from Horror Decor's shop on Etsy.


  1. It's truly impressive the amount of stuff you find - I was doubtful at first that you'd find enough stuff to fill a month...but we're 2/3s the way through and you're still going strong.

    Please, forgive the lapse of faith :)

  2. Forgiven and forgotten, my friend.

    As for finding enough zombie stuff to fill the month - there's WAY more out there than 30 days worth, though it is mostly movies and books.

    With all the Twilight hooplah going on, vampires are gaining ground in the Supernatural Creature Beauty And Popularity Contest, mostly in the swimsuit category, which is totally not fair because lots of zombies are missing body parts crucial to the wearing of a swimsuit.

    Blast them! *shakes fist at Edward*

    And before you start poking fun at me for knowing his name, I totally just had to wiki it. So there. :P

  3. Okay, okay lady - you're safe...for now... :-p

    You needn't worry about the Vampire lead though - Penny Arcade has predicted the next plucky challenger: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/10/12/

  4. He'll lose points in the swimsuit competition though, unless he takes his wrappings off, but then he wouldn't be a mummy anymore, he'd be a really shriveled zombie.

    Hmm, if his penis had been cut off and stuffed in a jar though, he could put the jar in his Speedos and TOTALLY win back any points lost for the fiasco with the wrappings.

    Ah, yes - the old Penis-in-Jar-in-Speedos trick. Boy, that takes me back.


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