Welcome to NovZomCon!

Awesome November Zombie Content to the Max Month!

Since it's the first post of the month, I'll give you a breakdown on how things are going to go down. Each day of the week is going to feature a different kind of zombie awesomeness. The daily dead titles are a nod to George A. Romero's ...of the Dead movies, which are among the most famous zombie movies ever produced (Survival of the Dead hasn't been released yet). His vision of zombies as shuffling cannibals has long been the accepted standard. I'm not going to dwell on the fact that the modern zombie has essentially been defined by his movies though, because so much has already been written on that subject. I wanted to focus on the not-quite-so-world-renowned stuff here. Plus, if you haven't already heard of him, chances are you wouldn't be reading this. Here's his bio on wiki though, just in case.

Schedule of events!

Undead Sunday: Feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that zombies exist purely in the realm of fiction? Prepare to have that sense of security shattered!

Night of the Living Mon-dead: Movies and tv shows. Anything you can watch that features the digital dead. Also, plays and musicals. Zombies love musicals.

Dawn of the Tues-dead: Zombie crafts and crafts for zombies. Just because your arms have fallen off doesn't mean you can't learn how to knit. Oh wait, yes it does.

Day of the Wednes-dead: Funny, cute and zombified websites. The internet is just maggoty with them.

Land of the Thurs-dead: Comics and books. Literate zombies? Well, literally about zombies at least.

Diary of the Fri-dead: Home decor. Nothing says homey like a horde of the undead lurking in your living room.

Survival of the Satur-dead: Toys and clothing. Every ghoul's crazy for a sharp dressed man.

Get ready to shamble!

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