The Walking Dead

Land of the Thurs-dead: Comics and books. Literate zombies? Well, literally about zombies at least.

I've spent the last few years of my life immersed in Robert Kirkman's zombie infested world. I do come up for air every once in a while, but only because I have to wait until the next trade paperback is released.

The Walking Dead is an absolutely amazing comic series. On the surface it may seem like a typical small group of people, struggling to survive in a typical post-apocalyptic world, that just happens to be riddled with typical zombies. When you actually sit down and read it however, you discover the typical survivors are actually fully developed characters, and they have to deal with the whole zombie thing for the long term. We're talking years here. Families are torn apart while new families are formed. People laugh, cry, fight and fuck. The mundane aspects of everyday life don't just disappear with the addition of a few undead neighbours. They have to eat, sleep, wash and clothe themselves. Then they have laundry to do. They tend to the sick, and teach the children. They have to learn how to be completely self-reliant because they are completely self-contained. There's no soap operas, fast food or telemarketers. Well, maybe it's not so bad after all.

AMC announced in August that they are producing a TV series based on The Walking Dead comics. I can't wait until it starts, so I can yell "That's not what happened!" and throw popcorn at the screen.

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