Zombie Walks

So many pictures exist of actual zombie sightings, it simply boggles the mind how so many people continue to deny the truth; That the dead have risen and they love long walks!

That's right. Hordes of un-living, un-breathing ghouls have been spotted worldwide, casually strolling the streets of major cities, occasionally pausing to window shop. The number of sightings continues to rise, despite pressure from world governments to keep this information under wraps. Eyewitness reports and photographic evidence of the powerwalking dead are continually being leaked to the media. Just this weekend alone there have been dozens of sightings, and information is still trickling in from all corners of the globe.

At www.zombiewalk.com, a brave group of survivors has banded together, hoping to raise public awareness of this growing threat. Through this website, people can stay informed of low impact zombie activity all over the world.

People are advised to stay away from hiking trails, promenades and seniors' mall walkers clubs.

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