RavensBlight Toy Shop

Survival of the Satur-dead: Toys and clothing. Every ghoul's crazy for a sharp dressed man.

These are definitely not your mother's paper dolls.

Ray O'Bannon, the generous soul behind RavensBlight, has designed dozens of paper toys that are completely free to print out. That's right, free. There are dozens of creations, all wonderfully ghoulish, and include things like haunted houses, masks, dolls, and games. There's even a Dancing Skeleton Marionette. His name is Styx.

Don't worry, there's lots of zombie fun to go around. You can make a cemetery for your zombie dolls to frolic in, and then build the Battle-Hearse to round them all up when playtime is over. I really like the Battle-Hearse! You might want to have a game of Undead Chess, or play with the 13 Piece Hearse Playset. Perhaps you've started your Christmas gift shopping. How about making some Coffin Gift Boxes (complete with occupants, of course).

All you need is a printer, a fully loaded ink cartridge, cardstock, scissors (or xacto knife), glue and patience. Loooots of patience. If you're almost out of patience, a swear jar can be substituted.


  1. That's awesome. They even have a catapult! CATAPULT! Siege Warfare!! WHOOOOOO!!

  2. Ooh ooh ooh! Let's attach the catapult to the Battle-Hearse, and slice zombies in half, and fling zombie halves at people. We can do it in the Avalon Mall food court and blame it on the emo kiddies.

    Ah, who am I kidding? I'm totally taking the credit for the zombie-flinging.


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