My Little Zombie Pony and Barbie of the Undead

Survival of the Satur-dead: Toys and clothing. Every ghoul's crazy for a sharp dressed man.

Have you ever beaten a dead horse? Pretty futile right? Well, grab a Sharpie and resurrect that sucker! Of course, she'll probably just bite your arm off before you can get even a punch in.

My Little Zombie Pony was created by Flicker user dbx1.
Edit: This user appears to have deleted their Flickr account! Sorry, I don't have any other contact information for the creator of this oh-so-awesome My Little Pony. :(
This idea is fantastic! Just think, you could make an army of undead 80s toys - Zombie Popples! Cabbage Patch Zombies! Undead Care Bears! 

Speaking of undead toys, check out Barbie of the Undead. Her skull  is peeking out, which was created by inserting a specially molded one inside her hollow head. Want to make your own? Here's the How-To.

Barbie of the Undead was created by Are Sundnes / Paranaiv.
I wish I still had my NKOTB dolls...

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