Living Dead Wall Art

Diary of the Fri-dead: Home decor. Nothing says homey like a horde of the undead lurking in your living room.

I want this. I can't decide which room it should go in through. The kitchen and bathroom are too small, and it would definitely creep out any guests that stay in the spare bedroom. It might even creep me out if it was in my bedroom. That leaves the living and dining rooms. I'll be watching all kinds of zombie movies in the living room, so that seems fitting. However, the dining room would be more appropriate for consuming the flesh of the living. Decisions, decisions...

This decal is just one of the many available from lildecalshoppe on Etsy. If you've made up your mind where you'd like to display this handsome horde, you can buy it here. You might want to look at all of their designs first though. Not only are there other zombies to choose from, there are also Nintendo characters, dinosaurs, and lots of other geeky goodies. Now go buy something.

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