Knitted Zombie Dolls

Dawn of the Tues-dead: Zombie crafts and crafts for zombies. Just because your arms have fallen off doesn't mean you can't learn how to knit. Oh wait, yes it does.

Hannah Simpson's knitted dolls are absolutely fantastic. They are based on characters from her favorite movies, some of which just happen to be zombie movies. She's paid a wooly homage to Romero's films, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, even creating a wee Tom Savini!

Tom Savini

Shaun of the Dead is by far one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. How much fun would it be to recreate entire scenes using these little guys?

Shaun and Ed

Remember the scene from Shaun of the Dead where the one armed zombie usher stumbles into Shaun's living room?

"He's got an arm off!"

You can buy her knitted creations and other goodies from her Etsy shop, cakeyvoice. Currently, there aren't any dolls available, but you can purchase high quality photos of some. Hopefully it won't be too long before she has new dolls for sale.

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