If I only had a brain...

Survival of the Satur-dead: Toys and clothing. Every ghoul's crazy for a sharp dressed man.

Remember The Wizard of Oz? Remember the dorky straw-filled guy? Remember how he was always longing for a brain? Well, now you know why. Do you notice how he's walking down the Yellow Brick Road all by his lonesome? Oh well, I never liked Dorothy anyway.

You can pick up your very own Zombie Scarecrow t-shirt at BustedTees. Go on. You know you want it.

Not convinced? How about this one by Yvonne Willemsen. He's a slightly creepier Zombie Scarecrow, splattered in blood and carrying a basket full of brains. He's stocking up for the winter, no doubt. Winter really sucks for zombies, by the way. They freeze solid, becoming ghoulish ice sculptures.

You can buy the creepy Zombie Scarecrow t-shirt from RedBubble.

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