Sock Zombies

Dawn of the Tues-dead: Zombie crafts and crafts for zombies. Just because your arms have fallen off doesn't mean you can't learn how to knit. Oh wait, yes it does.

We've always lived in constant fear of the dead rising from their graves, but now we have something far worse to deal with; our socks rising from their drawers. You know all those socks that go missing in the dryer? They're back and full of Bounce-y rage. That's right kids, there's a new kind of zombie in town; Sock Zombies!

These darling little guys are completely handmade with love and caution by Erin Glaser, who's also responsible for the hilarity at http://outofcharacter.net. She's made sure that stocking up on these socks is dead simple. Just head on over to www.sockzombie.com. You'll find links there to all the stores currently swarming with Sock Zombies (including Trunkt, Handcrafted Gift Shop and supplier of fancy embedded links).

My personal favorite is the Throwing Zombie, just because I just love the idea of flinging one of those babies at someone. I like to imagine it in Six Million Dollar Man slow motion; the Sock Zombie flying through the air, his little sock mouth wide open, and his little sock drool trailing behind him.

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