TV Makes Renovating Look So Damned Easy

I have been completely self-contained since moving out here. It's only gotten worse since Dad passed away last month. I keep somewhat busy with housework and the care of our furry extended family. Madison and Nightcrawler have moved home with me of course. My parent's dog Bender and two cats Radar and Scamp round out the zoo. I've also been working on some home renovations that were in limbo all this year while dad was sick. I've fixed up the closet in the guest room (my room). That involved cleaning some mold that had creeped in, sealing the floor, painting the ceiling and walls, putting down linoleum, and adding some trim around the bottom. I found a great deal on a closet system in Canadian Tire too. Then I moved onto the porch. I painted the ceiling, plastered, sanded and painted the walls. I painted one small wall in the living room to see what it would look like. Mom and I started the kitchen last weekend. We cleaned behind the stove and fridge, redid the caulking around the pantry, plastered, sanded, primed, and painted. Mom touched up the trim in the porch too. The orange paint is almost gone, and most of the stupid walls still need more coats. It took four in total to cover the green that was there, and I'm half convinced that I can still see it through that.

My move to Victoria has been delayed of course. I am going stir crazy, if you couldn't already tell from previous posts.

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