long lost loose ends

After skimming through my blog, I've noticed some things that I've neglected to note the progress (or lack thereof) on. Ultimate frisbee? Quit. I have no story to entertain you with, it just wasn't for me. Moleskine 2.0 contest? I didn't place, but I did receive the 3 notebooks for participating (here's the archive of entries). I offered one to mom, and she picked out a snazzy red one. Trouble Bound's super-fantastic zombie commercial? I couldn't do it, because I would have had to stay in St. John's overnight. I didn't want to leave daddy. He was so sick, and we knew he was near the end. Sadly, we were right. I miss him so damned much. NaBloPoMo? Again, went by the wayside while taking care of my dad. I'm going to try again for November, but since my main goal is to complete NoNoWriMo, it does come second. I'll probably just be blogging about NaNoWriMo. Jogging? This is something I haven't done in awhile. No excuse for it now, but I got out of the habit since moving home. I could do with some jogging pants that aren't capris though. My awesome Gocco printer? Still haven't used it. Earlobes? They've shrunk even more. I think they're only a 6 gauge now, plus I'm stuck with only one piece of jewelry that I have to alternate between ears. The matching piece went down the drain.

There have been flurries of activity on the creative front though. I've been playing with Halloween crafts and getting a gameplan on the go for next month's crazy pile of 50,000 words. I've begun blogging in earnest again as well (obviously). Speaking of which, I noticed today that I've posted a lot of photos to my blog lately. It's kind of funny, since I'm stuck with dial-up access, so it takes longer to upload photos now.

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