How Leah Makes Halloween Tin Lanterns

I filled some tin cans with water and let it freeze overnight so the cans wouldn't get squished when I was whaling on them with the hammer. Speaking of supplies, I had the whaling hammer all ready to go, plus some whaling nails, towels, a garbage bag to keep the table dry, scotch tape, and a couple of the clip art designs from this free Halloween banner (that I haven't made yet).

After taping the design onto the can (and safely tucking both my thumbs away), I started poking holes along the lines with the nail and hammer. I kept the holes evenly spaced (more or less). The rolled up towel here is serving the duel purpose of keeping the can in place, and catching the ice chips that fly out of the top of the can. Because ice turns into water. And towels soak up water.

Wormy kittehs are naturally curious.

Since paper gets mushy when wet, I used a whackload of tape to keep this ghostly doodle in one piece.

When I had three cans full of Halloweeny holes, I took them outside into the chilly autumn air and spray painted them. It smelled funny. If I had remembered that I was going to spray paint them, I wouldn't have fiddled with all the stencil nonsense. Oh well, I had fun.

I pretty much had the hang of it by the third can, with both my thumbs still intact and fully functional, thank you very much. Here we have the finished product, lit up all spooky-like. Not too shabby, hey?

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  1. Anonymous21.10.11

    I'll be eating soup for a week to create a collection of cans to work with! Cat food cans just don't work as well! Great post!

  2. Lol! Too bad, because I'd have a collection of those in no time.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)


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