Holy Really Simple Syndication Feed, Batman!

I just discovered that I could post the RSS feed from my blog, right onto my NaBloPoMo page. How frickin' cool are those beans?

I haven't bothered re-posting my blog posts to my NaBlo page since I temporarily paused posting back in July (post post post I like saying post). If anyone should stumble onto my NaBlo page now though, it won't require a second stumbling click for them to wind up on my actual blog. Even though the posts won't show up on NaBloPoMo's main page, this requires no effort at all on my part, so therefore it's awesome. I'll probably randomly re-post things that I'm happy with, so that they will show up on the main page, and maybe someone will have a wee chuckle at something that gives me a wee chuckle. Or laugh at my expense. Close enough.

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