Happy October 1st!

In celebration of Halloween month, may I present to you....Boondox pumpkin! He's actually one of my pumpkins from last year, and what a bitch he was to carve! I drew the eyes a little too close to the mouth, so when I was hacking into it I almost ended up with just one giant hole. It looked pretty cool in the end though.
I've been on the lookout for cool and funky Halloween crafts. Most of the things I've come across so far are meant for little kids though. I'm looking for things that don't require popsicle sticks, macaroni, or adult supervision. I've only seriously hurt myself with scissors on two occasions, only one of which required a trip to the hospital.
Anyway, I found an awesome free pattern for a Halloween garland on www.papercrave.com that I'm totally looking forward to making. It should look pretty cool on the orange walls in the kitchen when I finish the painting that I've been putting off and haven't actually started yet.

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